Allergies and Skin Rashes


Skin Rashes Due to Different Type of Allergy

Allergies occur in many forms. Some people sneeze while in some others, their eyes become watery and itchy. Those having asthma experience breathing troubles when they are exposed to allergens. Different people show different symptoms when they become allergic. One of the common symptoms is skin rashes that are triggered from various sources such as clothing, food or even laundry detergent. Even allergies can develop by something when you go for a leisurely walk in the park. Knowing about the different types of allergies and skin rashes will help avoid the sources that trigger the problems.


Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis and this allergic reaction is characterized by the soaps, detergents, clothes or from stress. This disorder is usually found in families that have already gone through hay fever or asthma. The best method to cure eczema is avoiding the things that cause this allergy.  Stop using soaps that contains scents and do not use woolen clothes that can trigger the skin rashes. Body lotions containing additional ingredients should also be avoided. It is better to take bath warm water.

Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is a skin rash that is developed when the substance causing it comes in direct contact with the skin. This is also caused by doing something that can aggravate the skin. Some of the sources that trigger contact dermatitis include jewelry, poison oak and poison ivy. The rashes are seen only on the parts where the allergen came in contact. This type of allergies can be cured with lotions or creams as prescribed by the doctor.

Allergic Drug Rash

There are also allergies and skin rashes that are caused from medicines. Taking in some drugs can trigger allergy thereby intensifying the skin rashes. Unluckily, there is no proper way to determine to which medicine or drug the person is allergic. It is revealed only when your doctor advises you not to continue the course of medicine you were on. However, once you identify the drug causing allergy, you can easily find out the chemical that trigger allergy and avoid things that involves the chemical.


Hives is one of the terrible allergies known and can affect any part of the body. It is not just an allergy. It can be caused from other means also. One of the reasons can be stress. So far, there is no medicine found for treating hives. Hives are characterized by red bumps that are itchy and will disappear after sometime.

It is important to keep in mind that not all skin rashes are caused from allergies. These can develop by other reasons such as medical conditions. It is better not to self analyze the situation. Visit the nearby doctor or dermatologist immediately when you find it critical and understand the type of skin rash. If the skin rash is caused by an allergy, then consult an expert allergist and follow the necessary tests to find the specific substance or chemical to which you are allergic. Finally, you can understand the things that you should avoid and prevent the disorder from occurring again.