Child Flu Symptoms


Top 5 common Symptoms

Is your kid suffering from flu? Flu is one among the most common diseases observed in children. It is never a serious disease until you provide proper medication on observing the symptoms. Influenza being very contagious, children easily get infected by flu causing virus that spread through inhalation of infected droplets, direct contact with infected person and it even spreads by using the items used by flu infected person. Though flu can occur in any season, the chances of getting infected by it are high during the colder seasons.  School going children are the ones more prone this flu. Flu is mainly caused due to one among the three types of virus.

  • Type A virus which can be sub divided basing on their chemical structure
  • Type B, the ones responsible for causing yearly flu epidemic
  • Type C which causes sporadic illness

Once infected, there are numerous symptoms that would help you in recognizing the disease. To know few among the most common child flu symptoms, just continue reading this article.


Fever is one among the most common child flu symptoms. The temperature of the fever would go up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The fever usually occurs when the body works very hard in wiping out the flu causing germs. Temperature up to 104 degrees is not a matter of concern. Yet, if it exceeds 104 degrees, you need to take your child to a doctor at the earliest. In few cases, the fever would be followed by chills as well.

Dry Cough

Dry cough is again one of the most common symptom. Majority of the children suffering with flu would come across this dry cough.  The cough caused due to flu is usually dry unlike the productive cough in case of common cold.  The natural way of fighting against this cough is to drink hot tea mixed with honey and lemon. This soothes the throat and hinders cough.

Sore Throat

In majority, sore throat is also a commonly found symptom.  Children usually experience this sore throat immediately after they wake up. As a result, they would find it quite difficult to swallow food as it would be very painful.  Even in case of sore throat, drinking hot tea mixed with lemon and honey would be great relief. Frequent gargling with Luke warm salt water will also provide great relief from the irritation caused due to sore throat as part of flu infection.


The headaches caused due to flu can range from mild to severe pain. Headache is also a child flu symptom. Not just the head, even the joints and muscles would be very painful. It is the flu causing virus that causes all this pain as part of their invasion in your child’s body. Using pain balms would provide a relief. Yet, if the pain is severe, better consult a doctor at the earliest.

Vomiting and Nausea

Nausea is least observed child flu symptom. In few kids this nausea would be followed by vomiting as well. Make sure you provide sufficient fluids in order to prevent dehydration.