Danger of Cigarette Smoking


High Time to Quit Smoking

Smoking is no way beneficial to any person. Smoking just brings huge loss in your life. There isn’t any benefit that you get by smoking. The most unfortunate fact is the smokers do not think it necessary to pay attention towards these facts. Apart from protecting your body from various diseases, quitting smoking will save huge amount of your hard earned money as well. Smoking invited numerous health issues, most of which is harmful to your life life. Most of the cigarette manufacturing companies mention the danger of cigarette smoking right on the cigarette packs. Yet, people continue enjoying every single puff of a cigarette. Cigarette has the capacity to decide on the life span of a regular smoker. There are even people who are unaware of the dangers of smoking cigarette. This article is for such people. Reading along, you can get to know the reaction of your body towards smoking.


Smoking is the most common cause of cancer behind most of the cancer sufferers. Irrespective of whether you are a light, moderate or heavy smoker, you have all chances to get prone to cancer. Yet, the severity of cancer depends on the severity of your cigarette consumption.  The cancer can be at any part of your body. Mouth, throat, lungs and esophagus are the most effected parts due to smoking and are more prone to cancer as well.

Passive Smokers

The danger of cigarette smoking affects passive smokers as well. If you are frequent smokers, even your family members can get affected by its side effects. There are cases where the family members of a regular smoker are diagnosed with cancer.  Intake of expelled smoke from a smoker is also harmful due to the presence of tar, carcinogens and other toxins. The filter in the cigarette would reduce the harmful intensity for the direct smokers. When it comes to passive smokers as there isn’t any such filter, the harm would be very high.

Oral Issues

Apart from cancer, the danger of cigarette smoking affects your mouth as well.  It causes several gum diseases, tooth decay and halitosis.  It even causes bleeding of gums as well. As soon as you come across such symptoms, realize the fact that it is high time for you to get rid of smoking.

Financial Loss

Apart from losing your health, financial loss also include under the danger of smoking cigarette.  As you get addicted to smoking, you may find it very hard to get rid of cigarette smoking. As a result, you will continue spending huge amounts and thereby putting yourselves various financial issues. There is no meaning in spending thousands of dollars to put your health and life in danger. So, as soon as possible try to get rid of this smoking addiction.

There are several methods that help people to quit smoking. When compared to past, there has be great increase in number of people coming forward to get rid of this smoking. Few methods are listed below:

  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Nicotine replacement therapy
  • Medication
  • Counseling

So, adopt of these methods to get rid of the harmful effects of cigarette smoking.