Facts about Bad Breath


Facts about Bad Breath

There are times when you have just had lunch and you haven’t been able to have an after-mint following the meal could cause bad breath. This is a known fact, but if you have a meeting lined up at work where you would have to do most of the talking, it could turn into an awkward situation right? For this reason, it would be best that you get acquainted about a few basic facts about bad breath. In this way, you will be able to avoid it as much as possible and maintain excellent oral hygiene at the same time.

Defining Bad Breath

Clinically it is termed as halitosis. Most often this arises due to poor oral hygiene or dental habits. Besides that this could be an indicator that you have some of the other form of health problem. It could be aggravated by the type of foods that one eats. In case, you have an unhealthy lifestyle then it is likely that you can suffer from bad breath. Therefore, being in the know about certain facts about bad breath can help you beat it effectively and efficiently. This way you will be able to safeguard yourself from unpleasant encounters.

Relationship between Food and Breath

Another major facts about bad breath that you need to know is the fact that since food is broken down in the mouth, it could lead to an unpleasant odor. It is because the saliva reacts with the food and helps it disintegrate in the mouth. After this the food gets digested ad it is absorbed in the bloodstream. Following that it would be carried in the lungs where it would be used to breathe.

Taking an example into account, if you have foods that have a strong odor like onion or garlic, it could cause bad odor. However, this can be prevented if you floss and brush regularly. The use of mouth wash would be beneficial as well. In this way, it would help cover up this up at least temporarily. It would be completely out of the system only when it passes through the body.

How to Prevent Bad Breath

Now, coming to a few facts that would help you prevent bad breath, the best thing that you can do is take oral hygiene seriously. This means that you need to floss and brush regularly, food particles that are stuck in your mouth would help bacterial growth in the mouth. As a result it would cause bad breath. A way in which this can be prevented would be by rinsing your mouth so that it would reduce the amount of bacteria.

Apart from that it would be best to avoid chewing tobacco or smoking since it stains the teeth, causes bad breath at the same time irritates the gums. In addition to that, this could be an indicator that your gums are being irritated. If you leave this untreated it would become bad to worse. In addition to that it could cause massive damage to the jawbone and to the gums as well, which means that you should take preventive measures to avoid this.