Acid Reflux Food to Avoid


Knowing Food to Avoid Heartburn and Stomach Problems

There are many ways to heal acid reflux. If you are looking out for curing naturally, then you must know the acid reflux food to avoid. Also known as Acid indigestion or Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease, it is affecting many people in some point of their lives. The symptoms include heartburn. Heartburn is a condition that causes a burning type of pain below the chest or just above the stomach. A proper care should be given when you are affected otherwise medical attention is required.

What is Acid Reflux?

Medical experts define it as abnormal process of digestion when stomach generates too much acid which tries to escape into the esophagus.  The condition results in severe pain in the lower part of chest. Sometimes, acid reflux when disregarded can grind down the stomach lining as well as the muscles in the esophagus.

How Acid is Caused?

Diet and lifestyle are major reasons that cause acid reflux. It is a bit difficult to change your lifestyle due to hectic schedule of work in office as well as home. But identifying the food to avoid and making some changes in the diet can make a drastic difference to the discomforts you experience.

How to Cure Acid Reflux?

Those suffering from the problem should watch their food choices and identify the food that lead to the disease. Poor diet can result in causing acid reflux, however irregular eating practice can also lead to stomach problems.  Instead of taking in large meals, consider eating five or six smaller meals in a day. Smaller meals means the stomach produce less acid for digestion and hence the disease can be prevented further.

What are the Foods to Avoid Acid Reflux?

Healing requires knowing the right foods to take in and avoiding acidic or fatty foods such as tomatoes, onions, oranges, chocolate as well as dairy products. Avoid eating fried foods from hotels and restaurants as they are the worst sources of acid reflux.

Choose healthy foods. Consider including fruits and vegetables in one of the meals. Complex carbohydrates are also good for health. Fruits like bananas and apples, cereals, rice, pasta, bread and carrots are favorable.

Non vegetarians can have meat and fish that are properly cooked in home. It is better to avoid frying since it can cause problems. Look for lean meats while buying. Steamed fish and grilled pork or beef would be better than fried ones. Remove the skin of chicken breasts and cook in home. Fat free dairy products are also not problematic.

Drinks to Avoid

Apart from the foods that cause the problem, there are some beverages and drinks that you should stay away from. Drinks containing caffeine such as tea and coffee are the worst sources. Alcohol should be strictly avoided. Those with acid reflux should stop smoking. If you want to naturally improve from what you suffer from acid reflux, then the aforementioned are the best solutions. Follow it and experience the benefits.