Babies with Acid Reflux


How to Treat Babies with Acid Reflux?

It is often stressful for first time parents when their babies suffer from acid reflux. The pathetic thing is, the disorder cannot be determined since babies cannot express what they feel other than crying miserably. So it is hard to diagnose acid reflux and the symptoms are not as obvious as the symptoms in grown-ups.

According to the studies, acid reflux develops in over 50 percent of babies and this occurs when they attain three months old. However, the symptoms disappear after one year since the sphinter valve expand and strengthens.

Usually, babies develop acid reflux after feed. When this occurs, the food rolls back which leads to vomiting. Often, it is difficult to determine whether the vomiting is caused by acid reflux or from other reasons. Knowing the symptoms shown by babies with acid reflux helps seek the treatment in the earliest.

Signs of Acid Reflux in Infants

Acid reflux in infants can also be referred as spitting up. Usually, this is characterized by spitting or vomiting after feeding.  Moreover, babies refuse feeds when they experience acid reflux. Babies with chronic acid reflux gain no weight and they may excrete blood along with stools. Some babies spit up green or brown liquid. Moreover, they show poor sleeping habits and wake up frequently during sleep. It is really hard to manage babies and the parents would be completely worn out. Minor acid reflux is manageable. However, chronic acid reflux requires immediate medical care.

How This Occurs in Babies?

Acid reflux develops when the acid try to escape from the stomach into esophagus. During this condition, the lower sphincter muscles in the esophagus relax. In babies, these muscles will not be totally developed which results in acidic problems. While feeding, their stomach expands and opens up the sphincter valve through which the food will be pushed in to the food pipe. Heart burn is the major symptom of acid reflux in adults. However, there is no clear evidence of heart burn in babies with acid reflux.


The disorder should be addressed with medical attention if the symptoms are identified. After feeds, it is recommended to hold babies upright for about half an hour. If you lay them down on bed, make sure their head is kept 30 degree inclined.

It is better to feed the baby in smaller amount. If the baby is overfed, then it can easily result in acid reflux problems. While burping, make sure the baby is positioned without stressing its stomach. Choose lighter clothes so that the stomach and waist area would not be held tightly.  Make sure the baby is comfortable with the clothes. Mothers having babies with acid reflux are advised not to take in spicy foods. Including rice cereals in the milk can also decrease the chances of causing acid reflux in babies.

Acid reflux is not a rare disease in babies. So the parents need not worry much about it. The problem will disappear when child grows. Give instant medical attention in the case of severe acid reflux problems.