Heartburn and Acid Reflux

| May 27, 2013

Natural ways to cure heartburn and acid reflux

Heartburn and acid reflux are directly related in the way that heartburn is caused from acid reflux, a condition when the acid in the stomach run off to esophagus. Home remedies are the best ways to cure this disease. The main consideration can be on the foods you take in everyday. Those foods that cause acid reflux can be avoided in order to put an end to the discomforts you suffer and take in healthy foods thereby eventually healing the condition.

Lemon juice and baking soda

One of the best remedies suggested by traditional people for temporary relief of heartburn and pain is baking soda solution with lemon juice. Two teaspoons of baking soda in half glass cold water and fresh juice of lemon squeezed into it have proven successful in curing the discomforts in many people.

It is more beneficial if the solution is prepared in the kitchen sink. Doing this, effervescence will be flooded over the glass and once it is produced, drink it immediately. The effervescence and water can quickly reduce the pain and provide temporary relief. Not everyone is supposed to have this solution. The solution generates sodium which is not prescribed to those having hypertension. However, taking in a small quantity will not cause any problem.

Try potato juice

One of the traditional remedies to heal heartburn and acid reflux is raw potato juice. This was used for years in order to make the stomach alkaline Choose a fresh and organic potato and juice it without peeling. Add the same quantity of water to the juice and have it as quickly as possible. Serve the mixture two or three times a day depending upon of the severity of the symptoms. Before the introduction of juices, people used to put the potato in water for quite a lot of hours before having it. However, the modern method is much more effective. You can relieve from the disease for sure.


Include papaya in your meals

Another best remedy to prevent heartburn is papaya. The fruit contain papain that alleviates the stomachs and helps in digesting protein. The juice of papaya is alkaline which is good for acid- causing problems. Moreover, papaya contains a lot of vitamins and minerals and hence can be taken in after one of the meals.  Some people have the papaya enzyme in the form of chewable tablets.

Have bitters after a big meal

Bitters are good solutions to stomach problems and it helps in digestion. The enzyme of bitters is available in the form of tablets.  The herbals contained in the bitters can stimulate digestion and enzyme production. Note that bitters benefit those suffering from hypochlorhyria or minor acid reflux. If you have hyperchlorhydria or severe acidic problems, then taking bitters can aggravate the condition.

Other sources

Gingerroot has been used by ancient people to cure stomach problems. It absorbs acid and helps in digestion. Gingerroot can be taken in as juice or is available in the form of capsule. Try it after meal.  Freshly made celery and cabbage juice can also give good improvements from heartburn and acid reflux.