Anxiety Headache Symptoms


Treating Headache Due to Anxiety

There are a lot differences between anxiety and stress. Unfortunately, many people mistake anxiety as stress. Anxiety leads to headaches, however knowing symptoms, when you go for treating it, it would be good if you determine the exact type of headache discomfort you are experiencing.

Here is an example that states the difference between anxiety and stress. When you are worried because you have quarreled with your partner, the feeling you experience can be referred as stress. However, if you are worried because you think you will surely have an argument with your partner, then it is called anxiety.

So what is Anxiety?

Anxiety can be defined as the mentally disturbing condition or worry resulting from expectation of aggressive event that is supposed to happen. It badly affects you physically and mentally. It can increase blood pressure, heart rate and sometimes causes muscles spasms. Anxiety can also be said as a fear like emotion. However, fear develops when you are experiencing a threatening event. Anxiety is a feeling that develops when you are faced with a unsafe situation, but from an expectancy that something bad will happen.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Chest pain, dizziness, sweating, irritation, depression edginess and headaches are the major symptoms of anxiety. However, not all people experience all these symptoms. It can vary. It is stated that about three percent of the global population suffer from anxiety every year.  There is no precise evidence for the exact reason that causes anxiety. It can develop from childhood. Females are more likely to experience this emotion than males. Those abusing alcohol and experience depression suffer anxiety.

Anxiety Headache Symptoms

It is due to the various anxieties and uncertainties in life that most of the people suffer depression. The concerns that they have can be due to anything unpleasant – unemployment, work pressure, marital issues, or other emotional concerns.  This can result in breathing issues and headaches, apart from the issues that have been discussed already. Lack of sleep is one big issue that such people have to face and inability to have sharp concentration is yet another issue. Their minds tend to lose the focus on what they do and instead get deviated to their personal issues and anxieties.

Handling Headaches

The best way to eliminate anxiety headache symptoms is finding out the actual reason for that and demolishing it forever. Eradicating anxiety is thus, not an easy matter. It is a difficult task. Thus it is better to avoid any chances or situations that might lead to anxiety. If anxiety to you is giving a talk before a big crowd, try your best in avoiding such circumstances. If it is still difficult for you, it is better not to expose yourself to such events.

Role of Exercise

Doing exercises that can bring about a calming effect can help you to a great extent in reducing anxiety. Another effective way is getting your neck and head muscles massaged, which is effective in reducing the tension of the muscle and symptoms of anxiety. Some of the ways are relaxing, being in a silent dark room, yoga and many other breathing exercises.