Natural Remedies for Depression and Anxiety

| September 17, 2020
Natural Remedies for Depression and Anxiety

If you are dealing with depression, you need not visit the doctor immediately. There are natural remedies for depression and anxiety. Try to heal your depressed mind naturally.

The word depression is very common today; we usually utter this word to describe when dealing with anything that is too hard, but dealing with depression is what that cannot be described in words.

One of six people is living with a depressed mind in the world and trying to cope with stress and anxiety today, but the majority doesn’t know How to deal with depression. It remains untreated until you know how to overcome depression?

Before we discuss how to deal with anxiety and depression and Natural remedies for depression and anxiety, let’s understand these two terms separately:

Depression and Anxiety: Are these two same?

You might have heard these two terms a lot, but do you know the difference?

Depression is considered one illness or a single condition, whereas anxiety is a bunch of conditions, relate to mental health. Symptoms like mood swings, phobias, panic attacks, heavy stress, and uneasy are similar in both. Due to similar symptoms, depression and anxiety are kept on a single platform.

When we discuss the best natural remedies for anxiety and depression further here, we will consider both in single term Anxiety.

Major Causes

5 Major Causes of Anxiety and Depression

Common Signs of Depression

Anxiety or depression can be caused by physical, emotional, genetic, and environmental factors. Some physical and emotional disorders like hormonal disorder, chronicle diseases, excessive worry, unsatisfactory life, and many more can lead you to the mental health disorder. Let’s know the leading causes of anxiety and depression:

#1. Hereditary: If anyone in your family had a mood disorder or anxiety disorder, you may at risk of developing anxiety and depression.

#2. Traumatic experience: Some dreadful and stressful incident of your early life can lead you to depression.

#3. Poor health condition: Some medical problems like any chronicle disease, pain, physical disability can let you down in your life and put you on the risk of depression.

#4. Drug Addiction: Due to addiction to certain drugs and alcohol put you away from your family, society, and compel you to stay aloof and depressed.

#5. Sudden loss of loved one: In most cases, when your loved one passes away, you get shocked; feel guilt and sadness for a long time. Such whirlwind emotions can later lead you to depression.

Common Signs of Depression

Depression is a silent killer mental disorder; it is not easy to judge the symptoms of depression initially. Most of the signs of depression mimic our everyday behavior. Being unhappy is a common feeling but being unhappy continuously for a long time is a disorder. Unfortunately, common signs of depression are ignored until increasing severity. With some specific symptoms, one can easily differentiate either it is the sadness of depression.

Let’s discuss some major symptoms of depression and anxiety

  • Negative approach: A person with a depressed mood feels cynical about all happenings of life. He lives with a hopeless approach. A person blames himself for all failures and adopts the self-hate and guilt.
  • Lose interest: A person dealing with depression, follows a monotonous routine and avoids appreciating others, gets jealous, and never accepts the things, but the things on the back burner, don’t enjoy with friends and love to stay aloof.
  • Fatigue and sleeping disorder: When you feel tired every time, you don’t enjoy your doings. Depression squeezes your energy and good feelings and makes you feel down. A depressed mind doesn’t stop thinking even when you are on the bed and lead you to a sleeping disorder. You either keep sleeping or struggle to get it.
  • Anxiety: When you feel down for long and are unable to deal with it, don’t take it just a sense of sadness, it is more than of that. Once anxiety is developed, you may feel Overthinking, unknown fear, panic attacks, rapid heart rate, and breathing, failure to concentrate, etc.
  • Irritability disorder: Symptoms of depression and anxiety in man and woman can be varied, when its man, he is at high risk of developing irritability disorder than of women. When a man gets irritability, some common signs like risk-taking attitude, escapist, and habits of misplacing symptoms are common.
  • Appetite and weight fluctuation: When you are fighting with depression and anxiety disorder, your weight and appetite may fluctuate from time to time. You may either increase appetite and weight or lose it.
  • Unmanageable emotions: Life becomes horrible when you are unable to control or manage your emotions. The graph of your emotions goes up and down as temperature in mercury meter. Now you are full of anger, and then you start repenting, this state of mood is also called mood swing.
  • Suicidal ideation: People, when attempt suicide is not in a good state of mind, they live with a depressed mind and often indicate the signs before attempting. A person with suicidal ideation will have self-harm tendencies and like to hurt others.

Natural Remedies Depression and Anxiety

Here explains natural remedies that can help to come out of depression and anxiety

How to Deal with Anxiety and Depression

When you think about the treatment of Depression and Anxiety, you prefer long counseling sessions, therapies, and medicines for effective treatment and instance relief, but you also can beat it naturally.

Active lifestyle, Yoga, meditation, spirituality, mind relaxing therapies, and of course, some herbal products are a beneficial and safe treatment for Depression and Anxiety. Some other ways are:

# Regular Exercise: Exercise, morning walk, jogging, yoga, and other exercise are the best way to convert your stored negative energy to positive. With exercise, we feed our minds with positive thoughts to remain active and healthy.

# Meditation: Our body is like a vehicle, and the mind is the pilot, our body acts as our mind instructs. To control our body, we need a healthy mind to drive it. It is proved that Meditation helps us to be concentrated and control our minds and thoughts.

# Relaxation Techniques: A depressed mood keeps you away from the activities you love to do. Some relaxation techniques like muscle relaxation techniques, imagery relaxation techniques, and breath control techniques can help you to relax your mind as well as body.

# Yoga Exercise: According to the recent researches of Harvard Mental Health, Yoga can effectively decrease your stress and teach you How to deal with anxiety and depression naturally.

# Reading and Writing: The best way to control your overthinking mind is to engage it. By writing and reading, you need to focus your mind on the subject and this way. You become able to divert your mind. Regular practice of mind diversion can make you able to manipulate it.

# Time with Kids and friends: When your mind is against you, try to feed it with enjoyment. Avoid worry, try to be stress-free, spend some time with your kids and your friends. Urge your friends and family to help you to deal with your stressed mind.

# Sound sleep: Overthinking and sadness feeling, your mind becomes exhausted; you need to relax it with 7-8 hours of sound sleep.

# Music: Soothing and motivation music is mind relaxing technique. A piece of light music heals and refreshes your mind. Some motivational songs will boost your energy and motivate you to live happily.

Herbs for Depression

Herbs and Natural Vegetation for depression and anxiety that work: Treating depression and Anxiety with Herbs and natural supplements is an alternative option when you avoid clinical treatment. Many of the herbs are used worldwide as a natural treatment of Depression and Anxiety. These are:

  • St. John’s wort tea or oil feels good chemical Serotonin.
  • Fish Oil for Omega 3 Fatty acids to increase brain chemicals.
  • Saffron Stigma for regulating the level of Serotonin.
  • Folate Folic Acid works as an antidepressant supplement.
  • Zink nutrition is very useful in improving mental functions.
  • Kava root tea is mind relaxing supplement.


People who bate the depression and come out of Anxiety disorder naturally, give you a hope to find a lost hope for yourself. The natural treatment of depression helps you to heal your mind as well as the body. Seek your doctor’s help if symptoms persist for long.