Arthritis and Back Pain


Various Techniques to Relieve Back Pain in Arthritis

There are a number of ways to cure back pain associated with arthritis, how no technique can provide a permanent relief from the pain. Though prescription drugs and other treatments are there to sure arthritis and back pain, no way can give permanent relief. However, there are possibilities to consistent relief if combinations of techniques are followed.

There are various relaxation techniques that have proven effective in relieving back pain. Normally, back pain generates stress which further makes the situation worse. For getting a lasting relief, here are some relaxation techniques that would help.

Exercising in Water

Exercising in water can put an end to the vicious cycle of arthritis and back pain. If you don’t have warm water pool nearby, you can try it on a small scale in your bath tub.  Exercising in warm water gives a variety of benefits. It strengthens and helps relax your muscles of back. Those who find it difficult to exercise on land can choose war water exercise since it is more easy and comfortable to exercise due to the buoyancy of water. There are a lot of benefits with exercising in water. It reduces muscle pain, improves the generation of anti-inflammation hormones in the body, and reduces anxiety as well as stress.

Progressive Relaxation

Progressive relaxation involves stressing and relaxing your muscles. It begins with tensing and relaxing muscles from toe and continuing the process towards head. Start with the feet muscles and slowly move upward until you stress and loosen the muscles of neck and face. Focus on breathing at the same time.

Guided Imagery

The best and easiest way to reduce the stress and pain is guided imagery. Choose a place that you find would not create any disturbance and play calm music in background. Seek out your brain for the most beautiful and peaceful place you have ever been. Try memorizing the place in detail and remember the sounds, sights and feelings you had over there. Give yourself enough time to reach a peaceful state and open your eyes slowly. For best results, you can make use of hypnosis methods.


One of the best treatments for arthritis and back pain relief is massage. Today many doctors recommend taking massage for lasting results. Massage therapy reduces stress and relax back muscles. Studies have shown that massage therapy taken for 30 minutes twice in a week and when continued for five weeks have relieved chronic back pain, depression, anxiety and sleep when compared to other pain relief treatments. It also improved the flexibility of low back.

Try taking Swedish massage. It uses oil or lotion to massage the entire body muscles. The joints and muscles are massaged in order to enhance their functionality. Other types of massage such as neuromuscular massage and deep tissue massage are also effective.

Manipulation is another effective back pain relief method recommended by most physicians and chiropractors. Different methods of manipulation exist such as chiropractic manipulation that massages the ligaments as well as vertebrae and osteopathic manipulation that focus on muscles of spine.