Arthritis Finger Joint


Various Methods to Cure Arthritis in Finger Joint

Arthritis finger joint generates pain and inflammation of the affected part and the condition further results in deformity. It is a serious disorder that should not be left untreated and is caused from the normal day-today activates that you go through. Sometimes the pain would be severe and the firmness prevents movement.

Patents with this disease would find it hard to grip the things due to the lack of strength in their fingers. Even the simplest tasks such as turning the key or opening a bottle becomes difficult. Sometimes, difficult in moving the fingers puts strain on wrist which  causes pain  and further spread to the arms resulting in loss of movement.


Arthritis symptoms can be different. However, the common signs include swelling, stiffness of fingers, severe pain, pain on finger joints, bending of fingers and inflammation.

The primary symptom that is noticeable when you experience arthritis fingers is stiffness. It further develops into swelling as well as pain. The fingers start bending and swelling affects the joints badly. Due to inability of the joints to work properly, the finger movements will be limited. All in all, the patient experience unbearable pain.


Anti-Inflammatory Medications

Prescription drugs, rest and exercise are the available ways to treat arthritis. Most doctors recommend anti-inflammatory drugs for treating arthritis fingers. These medications are designed to relieve inflammation and swelling that results in severe pain. Keep in mind that, anti-inflammatory drugs can provide only temporary relief. Frequent use of these medications can result in gastrointestinal issues such as ulcer.

Heat and Cold

Arthritis fingers can also be treated with non medicinal methods. Cold and heat can relieve the discomforts and alleviate the stiffness and stress. Heat or cold can also quickly bring down the bump.


Another good method to treat this disorder is hand therapy. Note that this technique should be done with the help of an experienced person or a hand therapy professional. They can suggest various techniques to enhance finger movements as well as to toughen the muscles.
Chiropractic treatments involve the use of low level laser or ultrasound for bringing the swelling down. Electro therapy is used to make the forearm muscles stronger. Massage is also good for stretching the weak muscles.

Herbal Remedies

Various herbal solutions are available to cure the problem. One of the popular methods includes the use of ginger extract and turmeric which are known for anti-inflammatory feature. These can decrease pain as well as inflammation at the same time improves finger movements.

Arthritis finger joint occur not often and requires time to develop. Knowing the symptoms of this disorder helps prevent it from affecting your day-today activities badly. Seek medical attention at the earliest when you perceive the signs that restricting the movement of your fingers or hands. Earlier remedies were focused on treating the symptoms like swelling and pain. However, today there is nothing to worry about this disorder since there are a lot of treatments available currently and it is quite easier to handle it by giving proper care and attention.