Arthritis Food to Avoid


Different Food Items to Avoid

Arthritis can be defined as inflammation in the joints. It can not only develop in joints, but also can affect other parts of the body including tendons, bones, ligaments and muscles. The reasons for arthritis are many and those can be poor nutrition, obesity, genetic factors, trauma and previous injury. There are many treatments and prescriptions available for arthritis relief. Other than medicines, it is important to know the arthritis food to avoid and stopping their intake can ease the process of healing pain.

Food # 1 – Fat

Fat, particularly saturated and trans fats are not good for health since it increase the triglyceride as well as lipoprotein levels. The increased levels of fat in the body cause heart disease and stroke. It is also not good for people wanting weight loss. Overweight can apply excess pressure and stress on joints which damages cartilage and joints. Animal meat and some foods such as whole milk, cheese, butter, palm, ice cream and coconut contain saturated fat. On the other hand, trans fat is contained in fried food, cookies, crackers, pies and fast foods.

Food # 2 -Nightshades

Those suffering from arthritis are strictly advised not to take in nightshades since these foods can add more to the symptoms. It includes potatoes, gooseberry, tomatoes, pepinos, huckleberry, eggplant and garden cherry. Peppers, Chinese lantems, belladonna and Tabasco sauce also belong to this family.

Food # 3 -Gluten

One of the reasons for arthritis can be immune system activity such as inflammation in the body parts. Gluten can stimulate autoimmune disorders and would generate inflammation. So it is important to avoid the foods containing gluten, else it would increase pain. Dairy products, grain products, barley, wheat germ, semolina, rye, wheat grass and spelt are the foods that contain gluten.

Food # 4- Dairy products

People suffering arthritis should avoid foods that can increase inflammation on joints. Dairy products like yogurt, milk and eggs can create inflammation as well as pain and hence should be avoided. However, products with low fat are less likely to decrease the risks.

Food # 5 -Alcohol

One of the main arthritis food to avoid is alcohol which can work against the action of arthritis medications leading to adverse results. It slows down the efficient of arthritis treatment. So it is highly important to cut down alcohol from diet. Another downside of alcohol is it can raise the pressure on liver which results in alcohol detoxification.

Other Foods

Apart from the aforementioned foods, there are other products that arthritis patients should avoid to decrease the complications. Foods such as sugar and salt can raise the inflammation levels, so use them in small amounts. Foods containing oxalic acids can also stimulate arthritis. So, foods such as lemon, orange, cocoa, almonds, plums, cashews, cranberries, chardand raisins, and spinach must be avoided. Keep in mind this arthritis food to avoid and along with the diet plan, make sure you are not giving much strain on joints. Take the medicines on a regular basis and get well soon!