Abdominal Bloating Back Pain


Back Pain Causes

Back pain due to abdominal bloating pain can be very upsetting and can occur due to digestion problems. Normally, abdominal bloating develops when the gas is accumulated beneath abdomen which leads to spasms and tightness. This occurs from irregular eating habits and if it occurs very often, then it should be given immediate medical care.

Sometimes, bloating can generate back pain that seriously affect your everyday life. No matter whether you feel severe pain or experience it for the first time, it needs to be addressed with proper treatment. There are also home remedies to relieve the situation but it cannot ensure whether they would work or not. However, it is worth trying.

How Abdominal Bloating Develops Back Pain?

Usually, abdominal bloating occurs after eating. The reasons can be eating a lot or taking in something that is not accepted by the stomach. Regardless of what the exact reason is, the outcome is more gas is produced than it normally would. The back pain would tend the sufferer to pass the gas out and it is not uncommon to do so. Though the gas is eliminated from the body, the bubbles will remain in the stomach. The bubbles left behind will lead to abdominal bloating and this further result in back pain which is very uncomfortable and irritating to sufferers. Not everyone experiencing abdominal bloating develops back pain. The sufferer tends to lie or sit in different postures in order to relieve the situation which sometimes leads to back pain.

Reasons for Bloating

The reasons of trapped gas in the stomach are different in different people. A common cause can be production of carbon dioxide in large amount by digestive system and make it difficult to pass the gas. The situation generates abdominal bloating which is often difficult to collapse. The condition results from food intolerance or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or several other problems associated with digestion. However, the sufferer will experience severe discomfort and irritation before he start implementing the treatment.

Treating Abdominal Bloating

In general, abdominal bloating back pain is difficult to deal with. During this condition, the patients find it hard to enjoy or concentrate on work. For most people, the condition makes it difficult to stay comfortable and leads to irregular sleeps. Many tend to pass the gas out or go to toilet in order to resolve the bloating discomforts. Unfortunately, these are not effective in fixing the problem.

Natural ways to Heal Bloating and Back Pain

The best remedies to deal with abdominal bloating and pain are to follow one of the different natural home remedies. A blend of herbal tea is generally recommended drink to cure bloating pain and have been proven successful in many people. The warmth of the herbal mixture would give a really comfortable experience like having a hot water compress on the stomach. Other solutions to abdominal bloating include deep inhalation or using peppermint oil on the area which can give excellent results. If still the symptoms persist, then it is better to get the attention of a medical professional.