Back Pain in Teenagers


Various Reasons for Back Pain in Teenagers

Today, back pain is common not only in adults, but also young people are suffering from its effects. So it is highly essential to stay well informed about back pain and relief methods so that it would benefit in some or other way if you are a teenager or parent of teen.

The body of teenagers is more flexible when compared to the body of adults. But several factors of the current lifestyle have contributed many threats to the structure and muscles. Here are some important reasons for the occurrence of back pain in teenagers.

Lack of Physical Activity

One of the reasons for back pain in teenagers is, they lack the amount of physical activity or exercise they require. Doing exercise improves muscle strength and cardio vascular health. Healthy muscles and heart is essential for a body to resist strain and injury. Healthy muscles manage the physical activity of the day while a healthy circulatory system supplies blood and oxygen to various parts of the body, thereby activating the tissues to work and perform well. So exercises play a good role in managing back pain and help prevent it.

Since the current technology depends of computers and games, children and teens spend most of the time sitting in their classes and then in home. There is no physical activity involved that can benefit their health. Just walking from home to school and vice versa is not sufficient to stretch muscles.  Thus the lack of physical activity leads to muscle strain and rigidity. It can also result in other serious disorders such as obesity.

Competitive Sport

Competitive sport is good for character development as well as promoting teamwork. But many teenagers are putting too much effort resulting in injury. Sometimes, these injuries last longer. Back injuries when not given proper treatment, can later lead to frequent back pains and will be hard to relieve. Another fact is, most teens are not ready to give sufficient time to heal the injuries and before they get back to the sport before they recover completely. They don’t realize that this negligence can affect their future lives.

Wrong Posture

The current school and office environment are set such that people spend the entire working hours sitting in front of computers. Due to work load and stress, they forget the proper postures to sit. Those with poor stomach and back muscles tend to slump in their chairs which deform the spine’s curve. This way of sitting is not good for stomach muscles and back muscles. Wrong postures generate strain on back and cannot properly support the body weight.

Back pain in teenagers is common nowadays. So making small changes in the lifestyle as well as taking some physical activity within your body capacity can make you stay fit and healthy. Practice safe habits and control the amount of pressure you put on back. If you love sports, then play it, but don’t push yourself too hard. Stay well informed about how to manage back pain and pay proper care and treatment when you experience it.