Back Pain in Teenagers

| May 18, 2013
Back Pain in Teenagers

Back pain is very commonly seen in teenagers. It can occur due to strain, pulled muscle, bruising of the back, or even carrying a heavy school bag regularly. Such type of pain automatically goes away after two to three weeks, even without any medical assistance. But if you have back pain with other serious symptoms, then there may be some underlying medical condition causing it.

This article will understand the causes of back pain in teens and some other important things.

Possible Causes of Back Pain in Teenagers

Back Pain in Teenagers

If your teenager has complaints of back pain, then carefully notice their symptoms and give proper attention and treatment. Understand what could be the possible reason for their back pain. Some common causes of back pain in teenagers may include:

#1. Physical Injury

Back pain can occur because of the stress applied to the spine. It may occur due to over exertion during training regimens, athletic participation, carrying heavy school bags etc. the symptoms of this back pain may include pain in the lower back or middle back or stiffness in the back of teenagers.

#2. Poor Body Posture

Nowadays, children and teenagers are less exposed to playing and more exposed to a sedentary lifestyle. They watch TV all day long, lie down in a bad posture or be on their phones. All this accounts for a bad posture and obesity, and stress also accompanies these issues. Hence, teenagers start developing back pain.

#3. Strenuous Works

If someone takes up some new fitness or exercising regime or have any physically straining job, he/she may get back pain. Such tasks may include bending, lifting heavy loads, stretching very far etc. all these may wear off the muscles and cause back pain in teenagers.

#4. Acute Injury on Spinal Cord

Such spinal injury may occur when the neck or spine is bent during birth. Some other causes of spinal injury may include sports injury, a vehicle accident, stab wound etc.

Can back pain be a sign of puberty in girls?

A study has concluded that girls near puberty may experience back pain. It can occur because of some physical changes like:

  • Changes in the composition of the body and an increase in height
  • Increased fat mass at the ending of puberty. It replaces the active muscle fibres and causes back pain.
  • Hormonal changes are occurring in the body.

Possible treatments for back pain in Teenagers

The child’s doctor may recommend you some certain treatment that will be based on the diagnosis. The treatments may include the following:

  • For spinal injuries, you will need some medical supervision. It may need surgery to correct the dislocated or broken bones.
  • For treating lower back pain in teenagers, studies say that manual therapy or physical therapy works effectively.
  • If the back pain is caused by bruises or strain, then taking some rest may help it.
  • In case of swelling or pain in the back of children, the doctor may prescribe NSAIDs, i.e. Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs. These help in relieving inflammations in the back.
  • Abdominal strengthening and hamstring exercises also help in the management of back pain in teenagers.

When to See a Doctor?

If your child complains of any of the following symptoms with back pain, you should see your doctor for sure. These associated symptoms may be:

  • Pain in their legs accompanied by numbness or weakness.
  • If the back pain persists for more than three to four weeks.
  • If the pain persists even after taking medications.
  • If back pain comes with sleeplessness or fatigue also.
  • If bladder or bowel issues with back pain.
  • If back pain occurs associated with fever, night sweats or weight loss.

If your teenager has any of the given symptoms with back pain, there may be an underlying condition causing it. So, you should consult your doctor and get the condition to be diagnosed.

How to prevent back pain in teenagers?

The prevention of back pain completely depends upon the underlying cause of pain. The common preventive measures are:

  • If you are having back pain because of back strains, then learn the correct way to lift heavy objects or exercise.
  • If the pain is because of kidney stones, then drinking a lot of water can prevent back pain.
  • Teach your children to sit and lie in the correct posture. It will prevent such issues from the early stages of their life.
  • Ensure that the children sit with proper back support when they have to sit for long hours studying.
  • The school bags of children should not have books or notebooks in excess. Such overloaded backpacks may also aid in exploiting their posture.

To Sum Up

Having back pain in teenagers is very common. But it may lead to decreased movement and flexibility of the children. They may also get lesser productive because of back pain at such an early age. To limit the back pain issues in teenagers, you should teach them how to sit properly, lift properly, and some other habits that may prevent back pain.

If children have back pain due to some injury or underlying medical issues, seeking medical supervision becomes very important. So, take proper care of your children and help them in managing back pain.