Back Pain Relief Exercise

| May 19, 2013
Back Pain Relief Exercises at Home

If you generally have chronic pain in your back, which disturbs your daily activities, you really need to do something.

Many of us get back pain after standing still for a long time or doing anything, including stretching or bending. It is a quite common issue among all of us. But this serious and common issue can easily be gotten rid of by exercising regularly. There are some exercises that, while helping your back pain, also strengthens your spine.

Here, we will discuss such exercises which will help your back pain. So, now let us dive in.

5 Back Pain Exercises to Give Instant Relief

The exercises which we will be discussing now can help women during their periods, people who stand for long hours, or people who have a sedentary lifestyle in front of their computers. People who constantly have back pain may also get benefit from these exercises. These are:

#1. Twisting Posture
  • This posture is indeed very helpful for giving relief from back pain.
  • A chair is what you need for this exercise in all.
  • You have to sit on the chair’s side and then twist your spine.
  • Twist your spine in such a way that it rotates the back to 90 degrees roughly.
  • Besides giving relief from back pain, you may also get relief from constipation after performing this posture.
  • Ensure that your shoulder blades remain squeezed when you perform this posture.
  • You have to hold the chair tightly from its side.
  • Also, make yourself comfortable enough to open the chest widely. Try and turn to the maximum extent that you can.
  • Next, sit on the chair on the other side and then again start twisting your pelvic region.
#2. Bending Forward Posture
  • First of all, do not try to perform this one when you actually have back pain.
  • As soon as the pain goes away, you can perform this.
  • For this, sit comfortably on a chair and keep your shoulder blades squeezed.
  • Then, attempt to lift your chest and then bend forward. Make sure you don’t shrink the chest.
  • You should lift the chest only.
  • Now, bend until your stomach and chest come flat on your knees. Keep maintaining this position while you count to five.
  • After that, you can slowly come up.
  • If you don’t feel able to bend forward properly, you can help another chair by keeping it in front of you.
  • Start extending your arms, and after that, bend forward. Make sure your chest does not shrink; rather, keep it wide open.
#3. Alternate Legs and Arm Raises
  • Now make use of all four limbs.
  • You have to perform alternate legs and arms raise.
  • It means to lift the left leg and right arm and then the right leg and left arm. Hold the position on each side for 5 seconds and then perform on the other side too.
  • If you do not maintain proper balance in this posture, lie on your stomach and then perform alternate leg and arm stretching.
#4. Calf Rest
  • Giving rest to your calves can also help in relieving back pain.
  • For this posture, you have to lie on the floor while keeping the calves on the chair.
  • Keep your knees separate and maintain the posture for a few seconds.
#5. Reverse Plank
  • This plank may seem complicated to you, but it is relatively simple.
  • For this, you have to lie on the back with the support of your palms.
  • Stay in a position perpendicular to the shoulders.
  • Contract your abdominal part and raise the body by lifting the hips and thus aligning the whole of your body. Make sure you keep your body diagonal.
  • Hold the posture for as long as you can, or at least for 30 seconds.

What is the fastest way to relieve back pain?

Some fastest ways to get rid of back pain are:

  • Keep your muscles and body moving by exercising regularly.
  • You can use a cold and hot compress to get relief.
  • Perform some stretching to relax your muscles.
  • Apply some pain relieving gel on the affected area.

How should I lay with lower back pain?

You can opt for any of the following positions when you have lower back pain:

  • Sleep by turning on your side and keep a pillow between the knees.
  • You are supposed to sleep on your side, but in the position of fetal.
  • Sleep on the stomach and keep a pillow under the abdominal part.
  • Sleep on the back and take a pillow under the knees.

To Sum Up

However, back pain is very common among people, and it may have many underlying causes too. But, to get at least a temporary relief from it, you can go for the exercises we have discussed. These will help give relaxation to your muscles and ease your back pain, even in a long go.

If the exercises do not help, you should consult your doctor for what treatment you should be having.