Back Pain Relief Exercise


Know Different Back Pain Relief Exercises

One of the great ways to treat back pain is back pain relief exercise. Back pain is resulted from muscle imbalances, stress or aging.  Recovery back pain depends on how well you treat it and what method you choose to relieve the back pain. The thing is, you should treat the reason that caused back pain and once you have determined the exact cause, you start with the relevant medications along with doing exercise. This has a great effect on relieving the pain.

There are certain exercises that you follow to relax and strengthen the back muscles as well as to properly aligning the spine. Here are some back pain relief exercises that you can try for better and quick healing.

Chest Files

A good back pain relief exercise is chest files. Try it out since this exercise reinforces the chest as well as shoulders. It also soothes the shoulder muscles and absorbs shock. Doing this on a regular basis would relieve pain on back and upper neck

Boat Pose

Boat posing is another good exercise to strengthen abdomen and back. However, it is not good to put much effort on back. The movements would take off the stress on spine and strengthen your back resulting in strong core buildup. The exercise involves sitting on the floors on knees and keeping arms bent. Stay in the position and position your arms parallel to the floor. Maintain the pose for 15 or 20 seconds and come back to the start position. Doing this 5 times in a day would help in relieving back pain.

Back Extension

Another best back pain relief exercise is back extension. Lay a mat on the floor and stretch out on your stomach. Keep your arms on the sides with palms up. Raise your upper back and head up and maintain the position for 10 seconds. While you pose up take breathe in and when posing down, breathe out.  Back extension is a good exercise for curing lower back pain since it alleviates stress on the spine and strengthen the muscles of back.

Toning the back and arms is another good exercise that works great for relieving back problems.  By doing this, your shoulders as well as back relax and stress on the spine will be taken off. This exercise is recommended when you have relieved the pain; otherwise it will create back problems further.


Many doctors recommend doing yoga for alleviating back pain. Yoga relaxes your body and keeps you free as well as comfortable. It reduces the pressure on the spine and relaxes muscles thereby easing back pain. Not all exercise in yoga can help cure back pain. Select the ones that are specifically designed for relieving back pain; otherwise it will make the problem worse.

Several muscle therapies and back pain relief exercises are there and you can practice them in your home. It would take time to get the results, but offer lasting results. Make a slow start and do it on a regular basis. You will benefit for sure.