Bad Breath Children


How to Avoid Bad Breath in Children

The first thing that a parent might encounter when their child wakes is bad breath. For the most part, this is not something that one needs to worry about. Usually, this odor can be overcome once the child eats something that would in turn cleanse the pallet and teeth. There are always a number of tell-tale signs that one would be able to observe and preventive measures can be put to a complete stop this way.

However, there are a number of other reasons that can be associated with this. It includes a decaying tooth, sinusitis, gum disease, blocked nose or even throat infection. Apart from that extreme diets such as anorexia and high protein diet coupled with poor dental hygiene can be other causes. In addition to that a number of medical conditions such as diabetes and lung disease can be a factor here as well. The following sections discuss how bad breath children can be avoided.

Importance of Oral Hygiene

One of the major reasons that contribute to bad breath children is the lack of oral hygiene. It largely because of the fact that improper brushing leads to the stagnation of bacteria in the mouth. This in turn leads to halitosis, and this is the reason can be tied to over 85% of cases. Therefore, it is vital that the child brushes regularly and cleans their tongue at least twice a day.

It would be helpful if you take a look at the child’s teeth and tongue. In case, the child has a thick coating on the tongue, it isn’t a good sign. It is because dead cells accumulate in this region and then give rise to the formation of bacteria. As a result of this the child would have to brush the tongue such that the bacteria can no longer hide in the mouth.

Another Major Cause

There is another major cause for bad breath children: post nasal drainage. This happens to be a common reason for bad breath in children. It is because the secretions that are drained into the child’s throat from the sinus that is infected, it would cause bacterial growth. This means that if the child experiences coughing at night, nasal stuffiness or facial swelling, then it would be best to consult a pediatrician.

Dry Mouth

Another reason that causes bad breath is a dry mouth. It is a result of low saliva production. However, this isn’t very common in children, but those who are a little nervous or anxious are more prone to this. Mouth breathing, lack of water intake and medicines could also lead to the formation of bad breath. In addition to that children with asthma can breathe with their mouth till it dries out.


As the old saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. Therefore it is vital that children should practice good oral hygiene practices which include brushing regularly and cleaning their tongue. Apart from that if parents find any tooth decay or excessive bad breath it would be best to consult a medical practitioner before things get out of hand.