Best Way To Quit Smoking


If you have decided to stop smoking, then the next step is to plan what you are going to do for quitting the habit. There are a lot of methods that are effective in helping the smoker to achieve this goal. None can stop smoking on a sudden. Make a slow start and try following the below mentioned options. You can quit smoking for sure.

Different methods have been found for helping smokers to stop the habit. Some of the methods include reducing the number of cigarette sticks, stopping smoking cold turkey, decreasing nicotine intakes, easing withdrawal symptoms with nicotine replacement therapy as well as non-nicotine treatments and counseling. Quitting smoking is a gradual process.  You may not get the result from the first method itself. You may require trying out various methods or combination of different methods to completely stop smoking. Let us have a look on two main effective techniques which medical experts find as the best way to quit smoking.

Medication Treatments

There are several medication therapies that helps reduce withdrawal signs and put an end to the cravings. These treatments will be more effective when followed under the supervision of a doctor. Discuss with your doctor if medications to quit smoking is the right option for you. The two main medication therapies include nicotine replacement treatment as well as non nicotine treatment.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Medical expert consider nicotine replacement therapy as the best way to quit smoking eventually. This treatment involves replacing the actual cigarettes with substitutes of nicotine like nicotine patch or gum. This way, the body receives only small amount of nicotine which alleviates the withdrawal symptoms and keep your body protected from toxic substances such as tars and poisonous gases contained in the cigarettes. Nicotine replacement helps smokers to get rid of psychological addiction which in turn tends them for focusing on other new skills and activities.

Non Nicotine Medicine

There are also medications that do not use nicotine. Medicines like chantix or Zyban are good medications that eliminate the withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Note that these medications are only for short term relief.

Non Medication Treatments

One of the best known non medication techniques includes Hypnosis. Hypnosis had helped many smokers with good results. The treatment puts the person in a relaxed mental condition where he strongly decides on quitting smoking and boosts the negative thoughts about smoking. Acupuncture is one of the traditional medical treatments and works by stimulating the production of endorphins. These are pain reliever that makes the body relax and helps ease the withdrawal symptoms of smoking. Addiction to nicotine is associated with the regular behaviors upon smoking. So behavioral therapy concentrates on how to study the new skills a how to cope up with new skills and habits.

There are many websites that let you know about the different ways to quit smoking. Once of the ways is to estimate the financial savings. It helps know how much money you have saved which tends the smoker not to spend much on cigarettes.