Alternative Cancer Therapies

| May 15, 2013
Alternative Cancer Therapies

Among the people who are fighting cancer, many of them show their interest in trying something different from the common therapies, which typically get radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery in use. If you think that cancer has left you with no control over your body, then these alternative therapies will work as a blessing for you. These will make you feel some control over your body.

  • Some alternative cancer therapies have given cancer patients hope that even their oncologist could not provide them.
  • As we know, each patient and every cancer therapy is different, so we are giving a list of some options for alternative cancer therapies that you may find helpful.

What is an Alternative Cancer Treatment?

We can describe it as any treatment for cancer that does not get counted as traditional or conventional standards for cancer patients. These treatments may include special exercises, diets, herbs, chemicals, or procedures. However, there is no evidence of the success of such alternate therapies, but these may help some patients. Also, before going for any such therapy, ensure there are no side effects.

How do Alternative Cancer Therapies Work?

Alternative Cancer Therapies
  • Through alternative therapies of cancer, cancer patients are seen as an individual and not just a patient.
  • Anything which may work for one person may not necessarily work for another person also.
  • The practitioners who give alternative therapies for your cancer treatment build a specific protocol design for you.
  • This protocol is mainly personalized for every patient who goes to an alternative clinic.
  • These protocols may have a combination of the therapies, which we will be discussing afterward in this article.
  • There is a vast difference between traditional therapies for cancer and alternative cancer therapies.
  • Traditional therapies do not consider any other factor that may influence the patient’s issues, such as toxin exposure, diet, etc.

Most Successful Alternate Cancer Therapies

Some most working and popular ways in which you can treat or manage your symptoms of cancer are:;

#1. Detoxification
  • In our body, some toxins like heavy metals aid in the formation and proliferation of cancer.
  • Detoxification therapies help in getting rid of these harmful toxins.
  • Detoxification treatments may include Chelation therapy. Doctors inject EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) into the patient’s body, which ultimately binds to the toxins or heavy metals and eliminates them out of the body.
#2. Oxygenation
  • It is a fact that cancer cells generally proliferate in an environment that is low in oxygen.
  • That is the reason for using oxygenation as a successful method of treating cancer most naturally.
  • Such therapies constitute Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, i.e., HBOT.
  • In this therapy, inside a chamber, they increase the air chamber to allow the patient’s lungs to absorb additional oxygen.
  • With this oxygenation therapy, one can decrease their medical complications and also increase their mortality.

Another such therapy is Ozone Therapy. In this therapy, ozone gas is used to increase oxygen contents inside the patient’s body. It also helps in treating cancer and its symptoms. If used appropriately, ozone therapy has the most negligible side effects. We can implement it in the form of a chamber as in HBOT or by injections.

#3. Supporting the Immune System of Patient

The immune system is a building block of our well-being. It helps in providing proper control on the abnormal growth of cells all over your life. If one’s immune system does not function correctly, it can cause cancer cells to proliferate uncontrollably. For the sake of this, alternative cancer therapy clinics give their enough attention to strengthening the patient’s immune system.

  • For this, they recommend a high dosage of Vitamin C.
  • The success rate of this treatment can be depicted by the fact that patients who get this therapy live 20 times longer than the patients who don’t receive this therapy.
  • Vitamin B17 is also suitable for cancer patients and aids in stopping the cancer spread by killing the associated cells.
  • You can find this Vitamin B17 in bitter almonds and apricot kernels.

Some other non-toxic treatments which aid in helping you to treat cancer are:

#4. Hyperthermia

This therapy is most commonly used with other cancer treatments. In this treatment, the patient’s body is exposed to high-temperature conditions without causing any adverse effect on other cells. This therapy may work for tumors in the head, cervix, breast, bladder, and neck regions.

#5. Dendritic Cell Vaccine

It comes under immunotherapy. This therapy uses the patient’s body tissue to create a vaccine. This vaccine is one of its types and helps fight particular cancer caused to that patient only.

#6. Stem Cell Therapy

This therapy utilizes the healthy stem cells of the patient’s body and targets the cancerous cells. It shows its effect by empowering one’s immune system so that it can kill these malignant cells. Also, this therapy does not harm other healthy tissue of the body.

#7. Cryotherapy

In this therapy, they use cold, freezing temperatures to destroy cancer cells. This therapy does not cause any harm to the healthy cell of the body and makes the body eliminate just the cancerous cells naturally.

Why Alternative Cancer Therapies?

While people who get diagnosed with cancer have no hope of getting better or getting treated well, but alternative cancer therapies have worked well in many cases. The combination of such treatments has taken patients to a better health condition and increased their life. All this without a single side effect or compromise of any type.

  • One more advantage of relying on alternative treatments is that you do not have to be limited to just radiation, chemotherapy, or surgeries.
  • You can plan a visit to a fully equipped alternative therapy clinic and get protocols or treatments per your specific needs.
  • Also, these treatments work really very well and reduce the cancer symptoms significantly.