Herbal Cancer Treatment

Herbs that cure cancer

Various Herbal Cancer Treatment

Parents for the most part coax their children to have a balanced diet. This includes a wide spread of vegetables and a host of herbs. Several research studies that have been conducted in the field of cancer prevention and treatment. Quite a few of them suggest that herbs could help battle cancer, which means that these ingredients could cure you of this major ailment. For this reason, it is important that one should look at the various herbal cancer treatments available and then take them up.

Magic Garden

In case, you have a small garden in your backyard then it would serve to be a perfect option to grow herbs. This is because these herbs have a number of medicinal properties. When this is coupled with a few vegetables and spices it would act as a perfect way in which you can prevent cancer. Therefore, it can be said that this is the simplest way in which you can maintain a healthy diet at the same time you will be warding off this disease.

Some of the Herbs that help ward off cancer include are:

  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Parsley
  • Thyme


The first herb that would help one fight cancer is the intake of mint. This is a phytochemical, which has the ability to cut off any blood supply to the effected region. It would serve to be a timely manner in which one can ward off this disease and deter the possibility of an untimely death. Apart from that this herb is known for its healing powers due to which it’s considered to be an excellent herbal cancer treatment method.


Another herb that would act as an effective preventive measure against cancer is rosemary. This is a common ingredient that is used quite often for cooking. It has a very woody fragrance and the presence of substances that occur naturally like fatty acids like terpenes arrests the growth of the tumour. On prolonged usage of this herb it would help reduce the multiplication of these cancerous cells that would then die naturally.


This herb which is often cast aside a type of garnish, is in fact an effective remedy for cancer. This bright green herb consists of oil called apigenine, which prevents angiogenesis—that curbs the growth cancerous cells by cutting off blood supply to this region. A prescribed drug named Avastin performs the same action.


The fourth herb that works effectively as herbal cancer treatment is thyme. It would be safe to say that there are at least 300 varieties of thyme available. Even if one looks back at history, the Ancient Romans brewed tea using this herb and as a result this enhanced their vigor. At the same time this herb helps cancer preventive properties as well. Thymol, an essential oil which is extracted from this herb is known to be rich in ursolic acids such as terpenes. It is similar to rosemary, when it comes to the anti-cancer properties that it possesses.