Causes of Bad Breath


Have you ever thought about the causes of bad breath in children? Childhood is a phase which is fun filled and carefree, however this ideal little world can come crumbling down, since children can be mean. Other kids poke fun at those who have bad breath, which is certainly not something to be happy about. If you want to prevent such an incident from taking place, continue reading this article to find out more on this oral hygiene problem and help you child be carefree, the way they are meant to be.

Important to Identify

There are several people who take having bad breath as something that would just vanish overnight, but it’s better to address it immediately. It is essential to identify the causes of bad breath because if not treated right away, it would snow ball into a bigger problem. Additionally, it could create a negative impact on the child’s life as well. Keep in mind that there could be innumerable reasons, which are triggering this pungent odor from the mouth. In the following sections, the various causes have been discussed.

Common Signs

The most common causes of bad breath in children include and are not restricted to:

  • Bacterial growth
  • Food
  • Lack of saliva
  • Infections
  • Poor dental hygiene

It has been observed that chronic bad breath could be a result of excessive bacteria in the tongue and mouth. This is a result of food particles remaining in the mouth that manifests into plaque or gum disorders. The second reason is the use of food like garlic and onions, which cause this unpleasant smell. This is because they consist of volatile sulfur compounds that smell bad after a period of incubation, which results in bad breath. Additionally, packed food which contains sugar also causes bacterial growth in the child’s mouth.

The next reason that can be attributed to bad breath in children is the lack of saliva. This is precisely the reason why children who have halitosis have bad breath in the morning, since the salivary glands are inactive while they are asleep. The use of medicines like aspirin could decrease the saliva production. It is necessary since it acts as a natural cleanser that washes the mouth and aids in digestion.

Another one of the causes of bad breath in children is due to infections. This is because children are more susceptible to these. Respiratory infections and tonsillitis are major causes. Apart from that children who experience gastrointestinal disturbance and kidney infections are likely to have bad breath as well. Additionally, poor oral hygiene is another leading cause for this.


In order to prevent bad breath in children, the foremost thing that must be done is to make them understand the importance of oral hygiene. There would be no harm done in monitoring your child while they are brushing. Then you need to take your child to the dentist in case there is an infection or cavity.

These are just a few causes for bad breath in children which can be avoided.