Causes of Constipation


It is quite uncomfortable when you feel constipated, right? When you face this condition, it could cause some really flustering and embarrassing moments. However, if you get to know the different causes of constipation then you would be in a position to bypass a situation like this. Additionally, it would help improve your overall health. This article would give you a better understanding about constipation.

What is it?

It’s best to begin from the basics and understand what constipation actually is. Nearly everyone at one time or the other has experienced this uncomfortable situation. In simple terms, this can be described as a condition where you would feel extremely uncomfortable while you are trying to pass toxic matter out of your body. This would make you feel full and it could be painful while passing stool as well.

However, the causes of constipation that is still open to debate, since doctors haven’t been able to ascertain the exact reason for this condition. Most often this happens without any notice or indicator, taking you by surprise. But, according to studies some of the reasons that have been attributed to be the cause include stress, adapting to a different time zone, dietary changes or even the lack of water in the body. The severity of the condition would be dependent on factors like eating habits, lifestyle and age. Some of the causes have been listed out and have been discussed at length in the following sections.

  • Poor diet
  • Lifestyle
  • Less water intake

Poor Diet

One of the leading causes of constipation includes having a poor diet. This is because if you continuously eat canned, frozen or processed food, it is likely that you would be missing out on several vital vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it would be safe to say that the lack of proper nutrients can lead to constipation. Additionally, you need to keep stock of whether you are having your meals in a timely manner or not, since it does count. Unhealthy eating habits and timings could lead to constipation.


You need to ensure that your body receives adequate rest. The way you live would most certainly reflect on the body. This makes the lifestyle that you lead to this problem. For instance, in case you are traveling out of the country, then it is likely that you could get constipated. In situations like these you need to drink lots of water and a fiber rich diet that would certainly help you out.

Less Water Intake

If you have a habit of drinking less water, then it is quite likely that it would act as a hurdle to your intestinal activities, which is another one of the causes of constipation. Don’t just go by the standard of 12 glasses of water a day. You need to supplement your diet with other fluids as well. It would be best to incorporate fruit juice to your daily diet.

These are some of the reasons why you may get a constipation problem.