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Foods to Cure Constipation

What are the foods to cure constipation? Constipation can develop from various reasons. The symptoms include hard stools, difficulty to pass out, distended abdomen as well as discomfort. Sudden constipation can be treated by drinking a lot of water as well as taking in the foods to cure constipation. However chronic constipation should be treated… Read More »

Complications of Severe Constipation

Know the Complications of Severe Constipation The condition when you experience short small stools or no stools is called constipation. However chronic constipation is characterized by stomach pain, bloating, abdominal pressure, nausea as well as other discomfort. Apart from these, there are several other complications of severe constipation that needs to give care and attention… Read More »

Antibiotics and Constipation

People experience some sort of digestive distress when they take oral medications like blood pressure drugs, anticholinergics, antacids, antispasmodics, opioids, antibiotics, and antacids. Some medicines may come in between muscle functioning and nerve functioning in the large intestine, while other drugs may also disrupt the gut flora. Antibiotics interrupt the bowel movement and proper digestion… Read More »

Causes of Constipation

It is important to understand the various causes of constipation. Before going for the causes that are responsible for constipation, let us know what it is and what are the symptoms associated with constipation.