Foods to Cure Constipation

| May 26, 2013

What are the foods to cure constipation?

Constipation can develop from various reasons. The symptoms include hard stools, difficulty to pass out, distended abdomen as well as discomfort. Sudden constipation can be treated by drinking a lot of water as well as taking in the foods to cure constipation. However chronic constipation should be treated with medications and a gastroenterologist can best deal with it. You may also get some medicines to cure it if the condition is not that severe. There are many natural ways to cure constipation and one simple solution to making some changes in the diet.

Type of foods that can relieve constipation

Taking in foods that have more fiber content can ease constipation. The normal range of fiber that an adult should consume falls between 24 and 36 grams. However, too many fibers can result in loose stools. So start gradually and slowly increase the consumption of fiber rich foods. Once the constipation is relieved, follow the diet on a normal basis.


Fruits are rich sources of nutrients. Fiber rich fruits such as pears, peaches, pineapples and prunes can heal constipation. These fruits are rich in Vitamin A and are good for health. It is not necessary to take in all these fruits in a day. You can choose your favorite ones from the list or simply you juice it and have. Consuming fiber rich fruits can make the stools soft and normalize digestion, thereby curing constipation.


Vegetables are also good source of fibers for healing constipation. Beans, carrot, celery and broccoli are the vegetables that contain large amount of fibers. Fiber content is more in broccoli and it is also good for health. Carrots when taken in raw form can ease the stool passage and reduce discomfort during constipation. However, do not cook them since cooked carrot can add to constipation. Beans are good sources of fiber and consuming them maintains normal digestion as well as enhances the stool movements through colon and rectum. Whole grains are also good option to make stool passage easier and reduce constipation.

Avoiding foods that can cause constipation

Apart from the foods to cure constipation, it is also important to know the various foods that results in constipation and avoiding such food can easily cure the condition.

Dairy products such as milk and cheese are rich sources of Calcium, but would digest easily. Moreover, too much consumption of dairy foods can bloat the stomach which in turn leads to constipation. If you are experiencing constipation, then it is better to reduce the amount of dairy products you take daily. Meat contains more fat as well as protein and hence it takes time to digest. So you must consider eating meat in small amount when you have constipation.

Other remedies

One of the best remedies to cure and prevent constipation is drinking a lot of water. Dehydration can make the stools hard. Therefore, drink more water. Exercise is also another best way to cure constipation and improve digestion. Follow some good exercises that help cure constipation and do it on a regular basis.