Home Remedies for Constipation

| August 20, 2020
Home Remedies For Constipation Immediate Relief

Home Remedies for Constipation with Immediate Relief

Are you constipated continuously?

Visiting the washroom is part of our daily routine, but the upset stomach and irregular bowel movement can spoil your good day into a tough one. Our stomach should be very healthy if the stomach is not well, then you may not feel like doing any work, and you are at risk of many lifestyle diseases. For immediate relief home remedies for constipation have been proven one of the most effective way out.

Constipation is a prevalent problem; more than 20 % of the population is dealing with illness today. If constipation is occasional, you need not visit a doctor; we can treat it at home.

What is Constipation?

Constipation is simply a disruption in bowel movement. It is a digestive disorder; when the colon sucks too much water from the digested food, the faeces become dry and hard; in this condition, you have a hard stool that is difficult to expel.

If your bowel movement is not regular and you are not able to pass your stool once in three days, you can consider it as constipation.


  • Passing less than two stools in a week
  • Exorbitant straining
  • Difficulty expelling stool
  • Hard or lumpy stool
  • Feeling of incomplete evacuation
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Poor digestion


We can’t call constipation a disease, it is just a symptom, and several reasons are responsible for the cause.

The most common causes of constipation are:

Less Water Consumption

If you do not have enough water, the large intestine consumes water from digested food and faeces become dry that leads you to constipation.

Inactive Lifestyle

Causes of Constipation Due to less physical exercise, you are not able to digest the food properly, and a significant part of diet remains undigested in your stomach that causes constipation.

Rich Protein Diet

consumption of much protein diet restricts carbohydrates, which leads you to constipation.

Less Fiber Diet

If fiber in any form is not part of your diet, you may be at high risk of constipation.

Postpone Bowel Movement

Most people do not attend bowel movement call in time and postpone it for a long time and it becomes the habit, this habit may lead you constipation later.

Calcium Medicine and Pain Killer

Intake of certain medications like calcium and painkiller slow down the smooth bowel flow.

Thyroid Disorder

Low or high thyroid hormone level affects your digestion and bowel movement, if you have any type of thyroid disorder, you are at risk of meeting constipation.


When you are stressed, you are not punctual for our food and water; stressed hormones affect your digestive system entirely.

Are you at risk of Constipation?

Poor and irregular eating habits, less consumption of fluid, and stress leads to the high risk of constipation, some more are:

Age more than 65 – If you are at 65 or age, you are less physically active and have a weak digestive system.

Activity Restrictions – If you are restricted to activity in some instances such as paralysis, spine injury, you may have hard bowel movements.

You are women – Women have more chances to get constipation than men due to rapid changes in hormones.

Constipation in children – Children are at high risk of constipation than adults due to early toilet training and milk feeding. Illness in children is temporary; it goes as they develop toilet habits and start fiber-rich food.

Constipation when pregnant

If you experience constipation in pregnancy, don’t worry, it is very common. You are not alone who gets constipated; seven out of ten pregnant women have to deal with constipation in pregnancy.

Reasons are many: The first reason for getting constipation is a progesterone hormone as you have to deal with several hormonal disorders during pregnancy, the second, uterus expands and pushes the intestine that causes slow bowel movement, these two primary reasons are responsible for constipation in pregnancy.

10 best foods

Poor diet is a significant cause of constipation. If you bring some change in your food habits and include particular food in your daily intake, it can help you to overcome constipation quickly.

Here is the list of 10 best foods, you cannot miss in constipation:

#1. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a popular breakfast item today; it is rich in β-glucan(Beta- glucan) that has the best fiber content; it also has fewer calories and increases your immunity.

#2. Popcorn: Having popcorn is a tasty way to deal with constipation; it has fewer calories and more fiber.

#3. Dry fruits: you should include dry fruits like dry dates, fig, and raisin in your food chart. Regular use of these dry fruit will give you favorable results in constipation relief.

Best Foods for Constipation

#4. Fresh Fruits: If you include fresh fruits like apple, papaya, pear, orange, and muskmelon in your diet, you may get instant relief in constipation as these fruits are the best source of fiber.

#5. Broccoli: Broccoli is not only a good source of fiber but nutrients also. If you have half-boiled or steamed broccoli regularly, it will give you relief in constipation.

#6: Colorful Vegetables: Regular use of different colors of vegetables like, greens, beans, spinach, sweet gourd, bottle gourd, and Tomato can improve your poor digestive system.

#7: Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits like Sweet Lemon, Orange, grapefruits are good sourcing of fiber which essential items for a smooth bowel movement.

#8: Legumes: If you include Legumes like kidney beans, soya beans, Lentil, Navy beans in your lunch, or dinner it helps your body to regulate bowel movement.

#9. Yogurt: Yogurt is an only dairy product that helps in constipation. Yogurt is useful because of the good bacteria called probiotics. This bacterium helps to soften stools.

#10: Whole Wheat Bread: If you eat wheat flour with bran, it is an excellent way to include fiber in your diet. You will get more nuts and seeds with whole wheat bread in each serving.

Top Medicines

There are many medicines available in different varieties of medical practices.

Allopath Medicines
Some well-known medicines in Allopath are:

  • Miralax
  • Correctole
  • Colace
  • Metamucil
  • Genfiber

Homeopath Medicines
Some popular homeopathy medicines are:

  • Bryonia
  • Calcarea Carboinca
  • Lycopodium
  • Nux vomica

Ayurvedic Medicines
you may choose these ayurvedic medicines without side effects and habits:

  • Triphala
  • Softonic
  • Naurolax
  • Kayam Churna

Best Home Remedies

If you are constipated, you might have noticed many causes of constipation, most of the time you find it is due to less consumption of liquid and fiberless diet. Constipation can be treated at home if it is not chronicle.

Following home remedies can give quick relief in constipation:

#1. Fiber-Rich Diet: always include fiber in your daily diet. Fiber works as lubricate in the intestine and helps you to pass stool easily.

#2. Plenty of Water: Hydration in a proper way is essential for a smooth bowel movement. If you are experiencing constipation, you need to multiple your water intake. It will trigger your bowel movement.

#3. Natural stool softener: You have plenty of natural stool softener in your kitchen, Caraway, aniseed, Gram flour are good natural stool softener.

#4. Aloe Vera: Taking Aloe Vera in juice form is a very effective remedy for constipation. It has a natural laxative that helps in constipation.

#5. Natural Enema: Natural Enema is in trend to treat constipation nowadays. You can give a self enema with a mixture of castile soap, salt, and mineral water.

#6. Poop Posture: When you need to poop, bring a small change in sitting. Use footstool and bring your upper body a little forward to strain your stomach.

#7. Regular Exercise: Regular exercise like morning walks, jogging, and cycling can increase your blood flow in the abdomen.

#8. Don’t hold stool: If you urge to poop, don’t delay, immediately find the toilet and pass your stool. Holding stool for a long time causes constipation.

#9. Reduce Stress: Stress brings constipation; if you are stressed, you will surly experience constipation. You can manage your stress by taking a break from work, meditation, and exercise.

Home Remedies for Immediate Relief

Before treating constipation naturally at home, you need to diagnose the type of constipation, Constipation is generally chronic, occasional, after travel, age, and pregnancy-related.

If constipation is not chronicle, you can use the following way to get rid of constipation fast at home:

Colon massage
You can use the colon massage technique for immediate relief in constipation, massaging the colon will stimulate your bowel movement instantly. In colon massage, you can use your fingertips or heels of hand to put the pressure on your abdomen. Massage in the arch shape of your colon and later move left to right, up and down the side, at last, put whole pressure in the center of your belly.

Natural laxative
This is the widely used instant home remedy for constipation. If constipation is occasional, take a cup of lukewarm water, squeeze a half lemon and mix it with a spoon of honey. It will not only stimulate your bowel movement but flush out harmful toxins also.

Homemade Lubricant
It is the best home remedy for instant relief in constipation. To regulate your stool pressure, you need to add natural lubricants in your diet. Olive oil and purified butter (Ghee), Castor oil is the best source of natural lubricant as it improves the movement of the intestines and cleans it.

Baking Soda
When Baking Soda mixes with the acid in the stomach, it releases salt, water, and carbon dioxide, which gives the best result in cleaning the colon.