All About Covid-19 Vaccine, Will It Be Affordable

All About Covid-19 Vaccine, Will it be Affordable

Each one of us is aware of the coronavirus (covid-19). Corona has affected the lives of billions of people, and millions lost their lives in the battle. It has pushed the economy down. A lot of people suffered a major loss due to the inescapable existence of coronavirus. It might take several years to compensate for that loss.

Covid-19 originated from Wuhan, China, and spread all over the world. There is no breakthrough in the treatment as of now, but research results have shown a positive outcome.

The Covid-19 Vaccine

A lot of countries are looking forward to the vaccine, and the possibility is there will be one available by January 2021

  • AstraZeneca, in collaboration with Oxford, is working on the covid-19 vaccine.

    On instance:

    • They have conducted trials, and if the trials conducted in November and December turned out with a promising result, there are possibilities of permission to use the vaccine.
    • Chief executive of AstraZeneca said, “We will be ready to supply hundreds of millions of doses of vaccine around the world starting January.”
    • Other companies like Pfizer and Moderna are also in the process of making the vaccine, but they won’t be able to make it available for use until the middle of 2021.

  • AstraZeneca and Oxford have decided to work on a nonprofit basis and provide vaccines to every county during the pandemic. Even after the pandemic, they will continue to provide vaccines to leading countries without earning any profit. The developed country will have to pay the least possible charge to get the vaccine.

Deducing the statements, the medical authorities conclude that the vaccine will be affordable and will reach everyone.

So in culmination, everyone will have the vaccine

The vice president of AstraZeneca has promised that they are and will work on providing the vaccine to everyone, irrespective of the fact that they are tested negative or positive for the virus.

How is A Vaccine Approved?

A vaccine is approved for general and widespread use only after it has passed the 3-stage clinical trial process, which often takes years to complete.

  • It is not easy to make a vaccine with no or least side effects.
  • The researchers have invested their days and night into formulating the vaccine.
  • Everyone hopes they achieve success and everyone gets the vaccination.

List of Organizations Working on Covid-19 and the Name of the Vaccine

# The Gamaleya National Center Of Epidemiology And Microbiology – Sputnik-V

They have not published any data or detail of their vaccine. Countries like Russia, India, Belarus, and UAE (United Arab Emirates) are taking part in this vaccine’s trails.

# Johnson and Johnson – JNJ-78436735

It has currently paused trials due to safety reasons, as one of the participants fell ill, and the reasons were unknown and unexplained. The company didn’t provide much information about the incident.

# Pfizer – BNT162b2

Working on combined phases, including phases two and three of clinical trials. The company is also working on formulating mRNA. The company’s latest statement explains that they have achieved a success rate of 90% and are looking forward to being the first authorized vaccine.

# Bharat Biotech – Covaxin

It is currently in the third stage of the clinical trial. It is an Indian company working in collaboration with the Indian council of medical research. With its active testing in India, more than 25000 participants are taking voluntary participation in trials.

# Moderna Therapeutics – mRNA-1273

Evaluating and monitoring results for phase two of the clinical trial. It is currently looking forward to being the first RNA that will be approved for human use. No other disease is treated with this technique until now.

# University Of Oxford – ChAdOx1 nCoV-19

Successfully working on trials and testing, awaiting third phase results. It is being tested in countries like Brazil, South Africa, The United Kingdom, and The United States.

# Novavax – NVX-CoV2373

Working on the third phase of the clinical trial. It is being actively tested in the United Kingdom. The vaccine administration will be done in two stages, which will be 21 days apart from each other.

# Sinovac – CoronaVac

It is currently in the second phase of the clinical trial. The vaccine is being tested in the Brazilian population. They are furthermore planning to conduct tests in Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Looking at all these promising vaccines, we all can hope it will all be over soon, and everything will restore to normal.

Other than Vaccine, Antibody Treatment

AstraZeneca, along with Oxford, is working on making antibodies that will last longer. These antibodies will work on strengthening the immune system and will protect the individual from covid-19.

Antibodies work with white blood cells, giving them the strength to fight back against any unwanted agent. The duration of antibody treatment will range somewhere between 6 months and a year.

Medication for Covid-19

  • Favipiravir

    It is a Japanese drug. The drug has been tested for three-stage clinical trials and is waiting for results. 43 countries have been testing this drug. Japan is looking forward to authorizing this drug as medication against the coronavirus.

  • Kaletra

    It is a combination of two drugs, namely ritonavir and lopinavir. Many studies have been done to analyze this drug’s success rate against corona. The results are mixed and show no promising success for approval.

  • Remdesivir

    In combination with interferon-beta-1a, it is in the list of actively tested medications to treat corona.

  • EIDD-2801

    Initially created by Emory university’s nonprofit biotech company. The medication has shown promising results in mice. It is still in the process of human testing.

  • AT-527

    Drugmaker Roche and Boston biotech Atea pharmaceuticals are working in collaboration to make this drug. The company is testing the drugs on individual exposed to the virus and are formulating results.

  • Plasma Therapy for Covid-19

    This process is announced and approved by the FDA – food and drug administration.

    The process is as follow:
    • It involves the transmission of blood from a corona recovered individual to an infected individual.
    • The plasma of the blood is, injected into the individual with the coronavirus.
    • The person who has successfully defeated the coronavirus has antibodies in the blood since their immune system defeated the virus.
    • When transmitted to an infected person, these antibodies lead to the formation of antibodies in their blood.
    • The development of antibodies helps in fighting the coronavirus.
    Plasma therapy has a success rate of 80%.


    Corona has proved itself to be a threat to human existence. People are confused and have several questions regarding the virus.

    Until the vaccine is made available for widespread use, take necessary precautions, and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.