Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

| June 4, 2013

How to fix leg cramps during pregnancy?

Leg cramps are characterized by intense pain and rapid muscle tightening. Leg cramps can occur in pregnant women especially during the third month of pregnancy. Studies have shown that leg cramps are common in most pregnant women and occur more repeatedly in the evening.

How leg cramps are caused?

There are no clear reasons why women experience frequent leg cramps during pregnancy. Some people say that the muscles of leg will become tired because of the additional weight carried. When body weight increases, the intensity of leg cramps will be more. The enlarging uterus and increasing weight of the baby applies pressure and stress on the blood vessels and nerves that go the legs. Another reason for causing leg cramps is the decreased amount of calcium in the body. So far, there are no proper evidences to support these reasons However, it is better to take in sufficient amount of calcium during pregnancy since calcium is required for the development of the baby inside uterus as well as for strengthening the bones and muscles of the mother.

How to prevent leg cramps?

Leg cramp is an unbearable experience for women in pregnancy. Nonetheless, most of the women encounter this condition. The cramp is frequent during the third trimester at night. Since determining the exact cause of leg cramps in challenging, the best way is to prevent it from occurring. Here are some ways to avoid legs cramps.

Don’t sit for a long time

Standing or Sitting with your legs crossed for a long time is not good. This is because, the muscles hinders the blood flow to the legs resulting in swelling. If it is required to stand for longer than usual, then make sure that you have placed the legs supported on a stool or go for a short walk.

Take exercise

Take exercise on a regular basis, Exercising would strengthen your muscles of the leg and improves the circulation of blood all over the body. Proper blood flow supplies sufficient amount of oxygen and hence the muscles will not tense under pressure.  It would be good if you take lighter exercises for your calves. Doing this, will remove any stress of tension that have accumulated there during the day and prevent leg cramps easily for a pregnant lady. Consider taking a hot tub soaking once in week as it helps relax muscles and prevent leg cramps.

Take more water

Drink a lot of water. This will make sure that your body will not get dehydrated which helps the muscle compression and relaxation in a proper manner. Fruit juices would be good since they contain several nutrients and can supply enough amount of water.

Sleeping posture

While going to bed, keep your legs in an elevated position. This is to prevent cramps during sleep since leg cramps occur more frequently at night. While sleeping, avoid lying on back. Lying on back decreases blood circulation to the legs which results in cramps. So consider lying on left side.

Apart from exercise, it would be good taking in calcium and magnesium supplements. These would prevent leg cramps during pregnancy. However, talk with doctor in order to avoid any potential risks associated with taking additional supplements.