Ways to Prevent Hand Pain from Excessive Writing

Ways to Prevent Hand Pain from Excessive Writing

Have you ever experienced hand pain while writing an exam or while completing a deadline? Your hands may feel dead after excessive writing. Though hand pain may seem like a minor issue, it can cause some serious long-term effects due to the wrong posture and grip.

To make writing comfortable or avoid hand pain in the future, here are the ways to prevent hand pain from excessive writing and some of the best techniques.

#1. Choose a Comfortable Pen and Pencil

You should be comfortable using any pen and pencil or face difficulties writing for a long time. Use a wider barrel pen with a padded grip for your comfort.

Make sure the pen or pencil you use has these following:
  • You should make sure the pen writes smoothly and doesn’t drag or skip on the page.
  • Try not to buy pens that rattle or leave behind spots of ink.
  • Purchase light pens because they are easy to handle and balance, making them ideal for writing for a long time.

If you write with pencils, then purchase heavy grades of lead like 2B. That allows light grips.

Buy a pen that works smoothly and not the ones you have to apply pressure against the page. Use a comfortable and smooth pen and pencils, and don’t let the bad pen and pencil determine your work’s quantity and quality.

#2. Hold Your Pen and Pencil Loosely

Do not grasp or clench your finger around the pen or pencil very tightly. When you hold your pen tightly, it causes pain in your hands. Stress is one of the reasons you tend to grasp your pen tightly. You don’t need to strangle a pen or pencil while writing and keep your grip loose.

Some tips for holding your pen loose:
  • You can use fountain pens because they are ideal pens for writers, and you do not need to put extreme pressure while writing.
  • Avoid holding your pen close to the tip, and make sure you grasp your pen or pencil from the back.

You should avoid using ball pens if you are not comfortable with them. Ball pens need a lot of pressure while writing as they are designed in that way, which may cause your hand to ache. Ball pens are also cheaply created.

#3. Take Breaks and Give Rest to Your Hands

Do not take breaks during exams, but you can massage your hands or do some hand exercises every time before the exams. Do not write anything much after the exams. To avoid writing or to get relief from exams stress, you can make use of computers to write notes. Practice stretching your fingers and rotate your wrists in a circular motion. Soak hands in hot water for 15 minutes an evening before exams or before giving exams. You can also lose your hands and shake them and gently massage your hands or pinch the tip of your fingers.

#4. Write Slowly, if you Shift your Grips

Clean writing at a slow pace will be one of the best ways to prevent hand pain from excessive writing. If your grip was loose before and started to use a new grip, start slow. Your muscle memory will take some time to develop. Make sure you speed up only when your hand positioning is right and when your writing is clean. Do not get discouraged and switch to incorrect writing methods even if you think you are faster at that.

#5. Avoid Writing Only with Your Fingers

One of the main reasons your hand pains is when you keep writing only with your fingers and not using your whole arm. When you only use your fingers, your wrist tends to move a lot and causes pain in the hands. Do not move your wrist and hand while writing and write using your shoulders and elbows. When you write anything with your whole arm, you don’t feel pain in the hands. Also, pay attention to your hand position and make sure your wrist is not bent while you write.

#6. Press Gently Against the Paper

Buy yourself a good pen or pencil so that you do not have to press hard on the page. Use a soft lead if you are using a pencil. Press gently against the paper and pull the pen gently and precisely into the page. You can try a gel pen or a rollerball pen because some gel inks flow smoothly and won’t cause you hand pain. These pens are also worth investing in if you want to use it for a long time.

#7. Practice a Healthy Pose

Make sure you sit straight, chest out, and your shoulders are out. Avoid leaning over the desk while sitting and writing. If you lean over, then your neck, arms, and shoulders will get tired, and it will start to pain.

If you write for a long time, change your position. Lean in a comfortable position in the chair one way or the other and try to lean back after every interval. You should make sure you are breathing well while writing.

#8. Train Yourself at Home

It is better to practice writing at home if you are not used to writing for a long duration. Practice writing essays at home if you have an exam coming up in a few days. Doing this will help you increase your writing speed and help you prevent hand pain from writing. But avoid excessive writing practice at home as it may lead to hand pain before the exams even start.

In conclusion, there are many ways to prevent hand pain from excessive writing. You can follow these above techniques, and they will guarantee you relief from hand pain during exams. Hand pain during exams can irritate and also slow down your pace during exams. You may also be unable to finish your exams on time.

Hence, to avoid these stresses, you should try these ways. Now write an exam with no tension and no hands pain. Deliver a quality and quantity filled exam.