Chronic Fatigue Disorder

| May 24, 2013

All about Chronic Fatigue Disorder

One of the unbearable disorders that can happen in anyone is Fatigue. Also known as Fibromyalgia the condition is frustrating and can develop in teenage itself. Those suffering this disorder will experience fully wearied down, tired and would become completely fatigued after exercise. Moreover, they can’t stay calm and relaxed like other individuals. Here are some considerations that show how harsh the symptoms are.

Causes and Symptoms

The symptoms of chronic fatigue disorder are many. Pain on the legs and back that moves from one region to another. Swelling ad reddening is rare. The patient loses the ability to concentrate and sometimes leads to memory loss. During leg cramps the lymph nerve in the armpits as well as neck would enlarge. The symptoms would persist for a day after you take any physical exercise to heal it. The patients find it hard to relieve after sleep. Leg cramps equally affect physically as well as psychologically. Mood swings and irritability are the psychological symptoms.

One of the major reasons for cause chronic fatigue disorder is increased stress. An individual without this disorder is more likely to get diseased if he experiences high stress. If the person is already a victim of fatigue syndrome, then his condition will get worse. He will develop discomforts such as headache, body pain as well as gets psychologically disturbed.

Sadly there are no proper tests to diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome. It can be considered as the outline of the aforementioned symptoms. The treatment for Chronic fatigue disorder is still unknown. It can occur at any time and you are supposed to face it when you walk, stand or work on something. The discomfort levels of chronic fatigue will vary in different people.

Treating Fatigue Disorder

Patients with fatigue syndrome are advised to take in nutritious foods than the junk foods that are available in hotels and restaurants. Fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet since they contain tons of nutrients. Lack of essential nutrients can make the person unhealthy which increase the fatigue problem.


Exercise is a must and should be followed regularly. There are a lot of benefits with doing exercise. While exercising, the heart works harder and delivers a good performance. It improves blood circulation by pumping more blood to all parts of the body.  Regular supply of blood delivers sufficient amount of oxygen which helps the muscles to tense and relax faster. Exercise can reduce stress. It helps relax the nerves of brain, reduces pain which and makes the patient feel good and happy.


Vitamins are essential for your body to stay healthy and stronger. Consider taking vitamins through food rather than going for vitamin supplements available in the drug stores. Discuss with your doctor about the important foods you must include in your diet.

There are several other things to consider preventing fatigue. Do not put yourself so hard while working. Sleep well for at least 6 hours a day. If you have overworked, give enough time for your body to rest.