Benefits of Soyabean Chunks

| July 6, 2021
Benefits of Soyabean Chunks

Soyabean, or the alternative of protein for vegetarians, is a superfood made from soy flour after removing the soyabean oil. It is a well-known ingredient packed with high amounts of protein. Due to the benefits of soyabean chunks, they are used in most kitchens nowadays.

Soyabean, soybean, or soya bean is believed to be full of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and polyunsaturated fats (PUFA). They are well known to lower the amounts of bad fats or cholesterol in the body, leading to various heart diseases, thus protecting the heart from many diseases.

Nutritional Facts of Soyabean Chunks

They are small rough balls derived from soy flour after removing the oil. They soften once left in warm water for a few minutes. The health benefits of soyabean chunks are immense. Here are a few facts:

100 grams of soyabean chunks contain the following nutrients in the given quantity.

  • Calories- 446
  • Protein- 36 gm
  • Carbohydrates – 30g
  • Fats- 20 g
  • Fiber – 9g

As clear from the information mentioned above. Apart from being a rich source of protein, it is also a decent source of the two main nutrients required by our body, i.e., fats and carbohydrates.

The proteins in the soya bean chunks consist of 9 amino acids, thus helping bone growth and muscle build-up. Lactose-intolerant people well tolerate them.

Not only protein, but soyabean chunks are also a good source of Vitamin K, calcium, folate, magnesium, phosphorous, etc.

Health Benefits of Soyabean Chunks

The benefits of soyabean chunks are numerous when counted. Here’s a brief idea provided through the list:

  • Reduces risk for heart disease
  • Maintains proper blood circulation
  • Decreases the risk of cancer
  • Regulates the blood pressure
  • Superfood for weight management
  • Relives symptoms associated with menopause
  • Enhances the metabolic activity
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps manage diabetes
  • Enhances muscle build-up and bone growth

Benefits of Soya Chunks in Weight Loss

Benefits of Soya Chunks in Weight Loss

There are various processes through which soyabean chunks help fit the extra amount of fats. Soyabean chunks are known to regulate the amounts of insulin in our body, thereby governing the breakdown of glucose, thus preventing obesity in individuals.

  • Since it is a source of high amounts of proteins, it helps build up lean muscles while avoiding the build-up of bad cholesterol around the organs.
  • Also, due to the high protein content, soyabean chunks help you stay fuller for a longer time, thus reducing your habit of continuously munching on quick and unhealthy snacks.
  • Vegetarian bodybuilders largely use Soyabean chunks to fulfill their protein requirement, which they cannot fulfill being vegetarians.
  • Almost all vegetarian bodybuilders depend on it to gain lean muscle mass and reduce weight.

Is It Good to Eat Soyabean Chunks Every day?

It is a common belief that although a good source of protein, soyabean chunks contain huge amounts of phytoestrogen, which increases the production of estrogen hormone. Soyabean chunks consist of isoflavone, which is known to mimic the estrogen hormone secreted in humans by the glands. Due to their estrogenic properties, they may lead to hormonal imbalance, especially in males where testosterone is the only dominant hormone.

There is a recommended dose beyond which the consumption of soyabean regularly may bring certain side effects, such as gynecomastia in males. However, these side effects can only be seen if the consumption is too much. The recommended dose for consumption is 15-25 g per day.

What Are the Side Effects of Soyabean Chunks?

  • Soyabean chunks due to the presence of flavones decrease the absorption of thyroid hormone in hypothyroidism. Therefore it is advisable that patients suffering from hypothyroid should limit the consumption of soya bean chunks. However, complete avoidance is not suggested.
  • It contains a huge quantity of phytoestrogen and may lead to gynecomastia, where there is increased production of breast cells in males due to high amounts of estrogen hormones in their bodies.
  • Constipation, bloating and nausea.
  • Allergic reactions in sensitive people.
  • Large amounts can lead to growth problems of the foetus when consumed excessively in patients.

Only large amounts, much more than the threshold value, may produce such side effects. Too much consumption of everything is toxic, so is the case here. However, all these are just some claims by researches done on mice; there is no evidence of the same effect on humans.

Also, just because of a few side effects, we cannot ignore the good effects of soyabean chunks. Therefore consumption limited to 30g a day is advisable to gain the benefits while avoiding the side effects.

Is Soya Chunk Good for Digestion

Is Soya Chunk Good for Digestion?

Due to large amounts of fiber, soyabean chunks help better digestion and absorption of nutrients in the alimentary canal. However, there is no proven evidence for this, and it remains a myth.

It is also sometimes associated with gastrointestinal side effects such as constipation, stomach ache, and nausea.

Why Soya Chunks Are Bad for Males?

It is believed that due to the presence of isoflavones that mimic the human estrogen and the high amounts of phytoestrogen, soyabean chunks can lead to an increase in the estrogen hormone in males.

Estrogen is mainly responsible for the secondary sexual characteristics in females, and large amounts of estrogen in males can produce the same characteristics, such as an increase in the breast cells tissue, thus leading to gynecomastia, the shrillness of voice, etc. However, these are just some claims; there is no evidence to prove these claims.


Like every coin has two faces, all the things have their good as well as bad effects. Similarly, soyabean chunks might have some ill effects, but the benefits of soyabean chunks are numerous compared to the side effects. Also, the side effects only arise with excessive consumption, and thus it becomes important to consume soya bean chunks in the prescribed amounts to gain the benefits while keeping the side effects at bay.