How to Deal with Suicidal Thoughts?

| February 15, 2021
How to Deal with Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal thoughts can be intimidating and may even influence your decision making. Suicidal thoughts can be a result of a mental illness or major stress. Attempting suicide doesn’t necessarily end a life; most of the time, it only adds to the suffering of the individual.

Many ways can help you in dealing with suicidal thoughts. I have listed them below, let us have a look.

#1. Eliminating Risk
  • If you are having suicidal thoughts, make sure you eliminate the factors that can potentially be your way of ending life.
  • Removing all the sharp objects, assigning a trusted relative to watch out your actions, closing all the entrances or ways to a higher place, throw away, or give to a trusted person, any tablet or pill that can be life-threatening.
#2. Talk
  • Talk to someone you love and trust about what you are going through
  • Talking about how you are feeling makes you feel better and helps in feeling relaxed.
  • Talking can even lead to a realization which you have been missing for a while now.
  • It will only take the burden off your head and shoulders.
#3. Seek Support
  • Various helplines are dedicated to suicide prevention.
  • You can call these helplines and seek immediate support.
  • These helplines are safe, non-judgmental, and offer confidentiality.
  • You can contact them without hesitating.
#4. Avoid Triggers
  • You have some particular stressors that work on influencing your thoughts and making them suicidal.
  • Alcohol, drugs, certain experiences can trigger suicidal thoughts as they overpower your judgment and lead you towards risky behavior.
#5. Sleep
  • If you are having suicidal thoughts and are unable to shift your focus from them. Consider sleeping.
  • Sleeping helps you in relaxing and temporarily slows down the activity of your brain.
  • Sleeping can be immediate relief, find another way to seek long term relief.
#6. Listing
  • When you feel normal or when you are not having suicidal thoughts, make a list of all the positive things in your life.
  • Read this list when you are having suicidal thoughts to realize that these thoughts are vague and useless, and you have many reasons to live.
#7. Go for Emergency Services
  • If you are having serious suicidal thoughts, ask a close and trusted person to take you to the nearest hospital and seek emergency services there.
  • The hospital will provide you with a healthcare professional and will help you immediately.
  • You may use certain ways for distraction.
  • A distraction works in shifting your focus from suicidal thoughts to something you are indulged in at the moment.
  • You can try using your hobby, your favorite movie, your favorite song, etc. for distraction.
#8. Distraction
  • You may use certain ways for distraction.
  • A distraction works in shifting your focus from suicidal thoughts to something you are indulged in at the moment.
  • You can try using your hobby, your favorite movie, your favorite song, etc. for distraction.
#9. Make A Plan

Make a plan after studying your behavior when you have suicidal thoughts. The plan can include various little details that can help you in overcoming and eliminating suicidal thoughts. For example, you can make a plan as following

  • A list of positive things about your life.
  • A list of people you love and people who love you
  • Call your best friend or someone you trust
  • Watch your favorite movie
  • Sing your favorite song
  • Go to sleep
  • Call emergency services.
#10. Seek Help Of A Professional
  • A psychologist is trained to help you in dealing with suicidal thoughts.
  • You can contact a psychologist in case of suicidal thoughts.
  • A psychologist offers various kind of therapies that helps an individual on how to deal with suicidal thoughts.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy works on modification of behavior by eliminating negative behavior and adding positive behavior in the individual.
  • In this process, a psychologist aids you find a solution to the problems you are facing and the root cause of your suicidal thoughts.
  • Interpersonal therapy focuses on and strengthening the social values of the individual so that they do not feel alone or isolated.
  • Dialectal-behavioral treatment focuses on teaching the coping skills to the individual having suicidal thoughts to handle themselves in the vulnerable moments of suicidal thoughts.
  • Medication, a psychologist, will also provide you with medicines to work on long-term relief from the issue you are facing.
#11. Support Groups
  • Various support groups are dedicated to suicide prevention.
  • You can look for these support groups over the internet and join them to seek support and support someone who might need it in their vulnerable moments.
#12. Focus on Self
  • Understand your value and focus on yourself.
  • Write and acknowledge good things about yourself and admire yourself for who you are.
  • One person will always be on your side no matter what, and that person is you.
  • Start loving yourself and know your worth.
#13. Spirituality
  • You can rely on spiritual support to guide you in dealing with suicidal thoughts.
  • Use and listen to a positive mantra or soulful activity like meditation or chant mantra to find relief from suicidal thoughts.
  • Use these ways in dealing with suicidal thoughts.
  • In case of emergency contact the national suicide prevention helpline of your country and be patient until the help arrives.
  • Most of the people face the issue of suicidal thoughts as a teenager.

When we are young, we are immature and do not understand a lot of things. We fail to understand and acknowledge many things in life. Our judgment is unclear and immature. We jump to conclusions and prefer escaping from the situation rather than facing them. But as we grow, we realize that these are just temporary obstacles and life is meaningful and important.


I have meant to say that remember some people love you and care about you. Life is all about overcoming obstacles and turning out to be stronger. There is nothing in this world that is worth your life.

We all are very lucky to have this life, make is purposeful if not for yourself then for people concerned about you, your parents. Your one step can change a lot of lives. Just think about them before taking any step. Your life is valuable and important, and nothing is more important than your life.