Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

| August 16, 2021
What are the Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is the name given to the component extracted from the liver of a fish known as codfish.

Before we proceed to discuss the benefits of cod liver oil, let us study the nutritional breakdown of the cod liver oil.

The 1,000 mg serving of cod liver oil contains,

  • Eicosapentaenoic acid (ESP)- 144mg Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)- 107 mg
  • Fatty acids (monounsaturated)- 46.7 g
  • Fatty acids (polyunsaturated)- 22.54 g
  • Vitamin A- 800 microgram
  • Vitamin D- 10 microgram
  • Retinol- 30000 microgram

These qualities possessed by cod liver oil makes it very beneficial for your health.

Cod liver oil is pale yellowish and is translucent. It smells like seafood and might be odd for some people who are not a fan of seafood. Let us have a detailed description of the benefits.

11 Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Muscle Pain

  • The presence of vitamin D in cod liver oil makes it beneficial for your muscles.
  • The deficiency of vitamin D gives rise to problems like muscle pain.
  • Cod liver oil helps in making your bones even stronger and increases bone density.

Fights Arthritis

  • As you age, your bones and joints get weaker that gives rise to serious issues.
  • A study was conducted to understand the effect of cod liver oil on arthritis; it is observed that intake of cod liver regularly for 3 months helped find relief from pain caused due to arthritis.
  • Keeping your skeletal system fit and in shape is one of the most common benefits of cod liver oil.

Eliminates Risk of Heart Disease

  • Cod liver oil is enriched with omega 3 fatty acids that help your heart and protects it from various heart diseases.
  • Various studies have been conducted to study the effect of cod liver oil on the heart, and they all have pointed in the direction that cod liver oil is good for your heart.
  • The latest study done by AHA, the American heart association, proved that consuming cod liver oil at least twice a week is healthy for your heart.
  • Cod liver oil helps increase the elasticity of your arteries hence, helps in avoiding nerve blockage and other heart problems.

Avoid Osteoporosis

  • Women commonly suffer osteoporosis after their menopause, and it happens due to a lack of vitamin D.
  • Your bones and muscles turn weak, and hence you feel the pain and suffer injuries more easily and frequently.
  • Your bones are made up of calcium. And to absorb calcium, your body needs vitamin D.
  • Hence cod liver oil is really beneficial for your bones.

Cod Liver Oil for Skin Benefits

  • Who doesn’t love beautiful skin? All of us do.
  • The cod liver will help you in the process of having beautiful and glowing skin.
  • Regular consumption of cod liver helps smooth blood circulation and helps in the cleansing of the blood.
  • The cleaner and easy flowing your blood are, the more it makes your skin look younger and glowing.
  • It even helps your skin in moisturization and locks the moisture inside to keep it healthy.

Cholesterol Management

  • The fatty acids present in cod liver oil makes it good for your body.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids help in lowering the level of bad cholesterol and increases the amount of good cholesterol.
  • In this way, it helps you by protecting you from heart-related problems and obesity.

Bowel Syndrome

  • Anti-inflammatory nature remains at the top of the list of benefits of cod liver oil.
  • These qualities help reduce the inflammation caused in your bowel due to bowel syndrome and hence helps you in getting better.

Lower Chances of Cancer

  • Cod liver oil can help you in staying cancer-free.
  • A study done in 2009 proved that consumption of cod liver oil could help eliminate the risk of developing cancer.
  • Lung cancer and other cancers that involve the formation of a tumor can be avoided with the consumption of cod liver oil.

Mental Health

  • Cod liver oil has omega-3 fatty acids.
  • These fatty acids increase the production of several types of gut microbes that help maintain your brain’s activity and help your brain in keeping functions healthy.
  • It also keeps you safe from mental health issues like stress, depression, anxiety, etc.

Cod Liver oil Benefits

Improves Immunity

  • Do you know that vitamin D plays an important role in your immunity?
  • Yes, that’s true. Vitamin D is very important for your immunity.
  • And as stated earlier, cod liver oil has an ample amount of vitamin D.
  • It helps you in staying healthy and fit by boosting your immune system.

Eyes Treatment

  • The presence of vitamin A and vitamin D makes cod liver oil resourceful for your eyes.
  • It helps in maintaining your eyesight and eye structure.
  • It helps in maintaining normal eye functioning even in old age when most of us start wearing spectacles.
  • These were the ways in which cod liver oil helps treat dry eyes.
  • You should consider having cod liver oil if you are not consuming it already.

But I know you have other questions in your mind right now; I can relate. We all are very alert and conscious about our health.

Here are the answer to all your doubts,

What does cod liver oil do for you?

Cod liver oil helps your body in performing daily functions effectively. It is helpful for the major functions of your body. It helps in preventing diabetes, protecting your heart from diseases, maintain your eyesight and structure, keep your bones healthy, and work in maintaining your blood flow.

What are the side effects of taking cod liver oil?

Overdosage of cod liver oil can be harmful and may cause the following side effects,

  • Rashes
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Nasal bleeding
  • Weak bones
  • Osteoporosis
  • Decreased blood clotting on wounds and injuries
  • Low blood pressure

Why should you take cod liver oil?

Cod liver oil helps in various ways.

  • It strengthens your cardiovascular health.
  • The oil helps in relieving joint pain
  • It helps deal with high blood pressure.
  • Cod liver oil is effective in maintaining the blood sugar level.
  • It eliminates the chances of getting Alzheimer’s
  • Helps in maintaining eye structure.
  • It has anti-cancer qualities.

What is the best time to take cod liver oil?

You should consume cod liver oil along with your meals. Take cod liver oil either with your lunch or your dinner.

It helps in boosting your metabolism and supports the absorption of vitamins and nutrients by the body.


You can have cod liver without giving it a second thought. The health benefits of cod liver oil offered by the supplement are far more resourceful for your body and will help you in the long run.

All you have to keep in mind is the quantity, as overdosage of cod liver oil and everything can be harmful to your body.