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Congenital Heart Disease

Facts and Causes of Congenital Heart Disease There are a number of vital organs in the body that one cannot function without and the heart is one of them. When a child is born for the most part they have a healthy and completely functional heart. However, this isn’t always the case. It is because… Read More »

Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Maintain Cholesterol and Avoid Heart Disease Cardiovascular disease that stem from too much cholesterol is a growing concern in the field of medical science as it is considered to be the No.1 killer. Every year the toll is rising at an alarming rate which you need to take into consideration. The main reason why this… Read More »

Chronic Heart Disease

Understand Chronic Heart Disease One of the top killers that have caused several deaths across the world is chronic heart disease. The major reason that can be attributed to the development of this disease is due to lifestyle choices. Time is of the essence these days, as people are engaged in a number of activities… Read More »