Early Menopause Causes


An Overview

For most women they undergo menopause between their forties and fifties, but there are cases where people face this much earlier on. To understand early menopause causes the term ‘last period’ needs to be defined clearly. The standard definition for this the last time when ovaries were released and that the eggs were no longer released every month. When this ceases it means that the body chemistry is changing and this produces an imbalance of progesterone and estrogens which are sex hormones.

During this phase, the production of estrogen in the body considerably drops by 40-60%. The ovulation process was responsible for the releasing progesterone and when this ceases, the production of this hormone becomes almost zero. Now, that you know about the relationship shared between menopause, hormones and women, you must be wondering what the early menopause causes could be.

Some of the causes are listed down below and have been discussed at length in the following sections.

  • Genetics
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Cancer treatments
  • Lifestyle factors


Nearly 10% of the cases of those with early menopause are due to genetics. In case, your sister, mother, grandmother have experienced this during their forties or before that, then you are at risk of undergoing this as well. This is because of the defects, which are present in the X chromosomes that trigger this, which is similar to Turner’s syndrome, where the woman doesn’t have the second X chromosome. This in turn could cause ovaries that are shaped abnormally, which prevents them from functioning properly.

Autoimmune Disorders

Another one of the early menopause causes is having an autoimmune disorder. When you have this condition, the antibodies present in the body begin to destroy healthy tissues and cells, instead of fighting germs and diseases. This is a relatively common reason, which could range from Graver’s to Lupus disease. Additionally, even hyperthyroidism is another common reason, which accounts for 10% of the women who have this deficiency. If this is the cause for the early menopause is a symptom for this.

Cancer Treatments

Chemotherapy and radiation could also be attributed to triggering menopause. This is because the radiation affects the ovaries, depending on the treatments intensity, your age when the treatment commenced and the type of treatment used.  However, the younger you are when this treatment commences it would reduce your chances of early menopause.

Lifestyle Factors

Lifestyle habits also contribute to whether or not you would face early onset menopause. The causes range from smoking, lack of nutrition, stress, inadequate exercise and environmental pollutants. Often, most people neglect to acknowledge the fact that these factors do create an impact on the body. Smoking cigarettes that contain chemicals could cause ovarian failure. However, you can avoid this by altering your lifestyle since its well within your grasp. This means that you need to slow down this process by exercising, eating healthy, find ways to relax, which would certainly ease the discomfort you are experiencing.

These are some of the early menopause causes, if you want to know more conduct an online search.