Causes of Early Menopause

| April 27, 2013
Early Menopause Causes

Menopause is the term given to the end of the menstruation cycle of a woman. Typically, a woman’s menstrual cycle starts at the age of 15-16 and ends at 45-50.
After knowing the normal age range, the question that plays a vital role in this context will be what the earliest age for menopause is? 
As mentioned above, 45 years is the earliest age for menopause. The end of the menstrual cycle earlier than 45 years of age will be termed as early menopause.  
But when the menstrual phase ends earlier than the given age, it is termed early or premature menopause.
The question that comes around is what are the causes of early menopause?


#1. Lifestyle 
  • The way you live says a lot about you and your health.
  • A woman exposed to smoking and high stress will definitely suffer early menopause as it affects the level of estrogen in their body. 
  • As suggested in research, women with increased body fat are more prone to have early menopause.
#2. Chromosomal Issue
  • A woman contains sex chromosomes XX. 
  • These chromosomes decide the sexual life of the woman, and these two chromosomes control all the biological changes in her body after puberty.
  • Any defect in these chromosomes may lead to the onset of early menopause.
#3. Genetics
  • Genetics decides the major part of your body and personality. 
  • If your mother or grandmother suffered the issue of early menopause, there are chances that you will suffer the same issue as you have carried the problem down with your genes, and hence it cannot be controlled or changed.
#4. Immunity
  • Immunity plays a vital role in the changes occurring in your body.
  • If a woman has low immunity, she will suffer from early menopause as she will be a host to autoimmune diseases that will affect her lifestyle and body.  
#5. Mental Health

Causes of Early Menopause

  • Your mental health is one of the major components of your life and goes hand in hand with your physical health.
  • Both mental and physical health are inter-dependent and affect each other’s functioning
  • A woman who is not mentally healthy will definitely have early menopause.
  • Mental health issues like stress, depression, epilepsy, etc. play a major role in marking the onset of early menopause. 


Are you worried? But wait, is it really early menopause or are you just overstressing yourself? Let us have a look at the symptoms of early menopause.

  • Heavier bleeding than usual  
  • The longer gap between two menstrual cycles  
  • Spotting  
  • Increased duration of menstruation.  


But is it safe to suffer early menopause? Let us studyearly menopause risks.
  1. The chances of a woman who had an early menopause, suffering fromovarian and breast cancer, are very low as estrogen levels in their body lack there.  
  2. The body of a woman who suffered early menopause contains a greater number of toxins as early menopause may be triggered by the presence of harmful toxins in your body. 
  3. Women with early menopause will age faster as compared to the woman who had normal menopause. It is also due to the level of estrogen in the body that falls rapidly after menopause.  
  4. There are chances that the woman is suffering from premature menopause, Primary Ovarian Insufficiency POI, and not early menopause. This confusion may fuel up thechances of getting pregnant.  As estrogen level decreases after menopause, the bone density of the woman starts decreasing as well. It increases the chances of getting a fracture and other bone injuries. 
  5. A woman who had early menopause will be more at risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, and there are chances that she will suffer heart attacks and other heart-related issues.  


We suggest that you consult a gynecologist before assuming things on your own. At times what we believe to be true differs from the actual case and gives you nothing but stress.   Early menopause can be treated in some cases and can be reversed but do not keep your hopes high. Just try to accept the situation and be thankful for what you have.