Natural Remedies for Chronic Constipation


Top Home Treatment for Chronic Constipation

It is quite natural to have a bout of constipation that could make you feel uncomfortable since it would he hard for the bowel movement to take place. In case, you encounter these symptoms often, then you should be looking at natural remedies for chronic constipation. This because the bowel movement is an important body function, as all the toxins and unwanted waste materials is released from the body. Keeping it in is not a good and could affect your health negatively as well. Some of the top remedies to counter this problem have been listed out and the common remedies have been discussed in detail in the following sections.

  • Fiber
  • Exercise
  • Tea
  • Flax seed
  • Water


The best natural remedies for chronic constipation is to add a lot of vegetables, whole grains and fruits, which are rich in fiber to your diet. The intake of fiber is crucial since it is a cleansing agent. This means that it clears out the intestine as well as the other waste material present in the body. They also give you a wholesome feeling that will help you feel full, which is the perfect solution for those who are on a diet. It is best to incorporate at least 6-8 servings of vegetables and fruits to your diet that would certainly be a good start.


Another aspect that most people don’t take seriously is that fact that exercise is directly related to constipation. This is because you need to be active in order to utilize the energy that is produced by the food that you consume. This in turn would help in the overall functioning of the digestive system that would help your body be active while forcing the toxins out of the body. It would be ideal to go out for a brisk walk or a light workout would do wonders and minus out the constipation problem that you are facing.


Yet another natural remedy for chronic constipation is tea which is an ideal way to counter your chronic constipation. You could add senna or aloe, which can make wonders. However, exercise caution while using this since excessive use could lead to the effectiveness that is has to relieve you.

Flax Seed

Another natural remedy is flax seeds. Firstly, they power packed with fiber and Omega 3 Fatty acids that make the heart healthy. They have a nutty flavor which makes them really tasty as well. You could increase the use of these seeds in the form of protein shakes which is a fabulous way to add to your nutritional intake.


Drink a lot of water, since dehydration could very well be the reason why you are constipated in the first place. This is because this is an essential component which helps several body functions to take place. Additionally, water helps wash out all the toxins present in the body in the form of perspiration, urine and stool.

These are some of the top natural remedies for chronic constipation, which are easy to follow at the same time they are very effective.