Best Nutritious Fruits to Eat During Pregnancy

| November 20, 2020
Nutritious Fruits to Eat During Pregnancy

7 Recommended Nutritious Fruits During Pregnancy

A nourishing diet accompanies a healthy pregnancy. The selected food helps the baby to have a well-nourished development, making the pregnancy a better and safe living experience. The mother needs nutritious fruits to eat during a pregnancy instead of everyday meal habits.

If you are pregnant, you should know various foods to eat during pregnancy. Your appetite increases as you conceive a baby, and you love to munch in a short break.

To give your baby a good start to life, you need to consume maximum nutritious foods in pregnancy, including fruits. Here in this article, you will know different kinds of recommended fruits to eat during pregnancy.

Fruits During Pregnancy

#1.Sweet Lemon:
You would be dealing with nausea symptoms in your pregnancy; Sweet Lemon is the best fruit to give you relief from nausea. Sweet lemon or lemon is very rich in Vitamin C that helps you cope with your poor digestive system.

You can have sweet lemon in juice and slice, whereas you can add lemon with water, tea, and other foods.

Fruits During Pregnancy

Orange has a high rank in nutritious fruits to eat during pregnancy. Since orange is a good source of folic acid, it is the most preferred and recommended fruit for pregnant women. It helps you reduce the symptoms of dehydration during pregnancy. Orange is a prime source of Vitamin C also. The antioxidant substance of orange helps you to rebuild your damaged cells. The best feature of this fruit is easy eating; you can have it anytime, anywhere in any form.


Like an orange, Mango is also a good source of Vitamin C. Mango is also a great source of Vitamin A, a necessary supplement to build immunity during pregnancy.

Mango also reduces the complication of respiratory and digestive disorders in pregnancy. Still, overeating may not be good for your health during pregnancy, as the research does not recommend extra Vitamin A to pregnant women.


your Doctor may suggest you take folic acids and vitamin B6 for your baby’s healthy growth. Avocados are a prime source of folic acid, and Vitamin C. Avocados has a high rank among high nutrients fruits.


During your pregnancy, you need to take care of both yourself and the baby also. The antioxidant feature of an apple keeps you away from free radicals damage. Apple also contains B-complex, which helps you maintain the red blood cells in your body during pregnancy.


Folic Acid is the responsible vitamin for building red cells in the body. Banana is a great source of folic acid that helps your child develop the brain and spinal cord. It compensates for the folic acid deficiency of mother and baby both.

We know that banana is rich in fiber and helps you deal with constipation during pregnancy, which is a very common disorder in pregnancy. Banana also reduces the risk of nausea in the first stage of pregnancy.


All the species of berries like Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries are great sources of Vitamin C, natural fiber, folic acid, and potassium. You can also consider Berries as the best natural antioxidant.

You should not consume simple carbohydrates during your pregnancy. Carbohydrates in berries are good for your baby. You can have berries in different forms like juice, snacks, salad, and oatmeal.

Recommended Amounts of Fruits in Pregnancy

You often feel like hungry during your pregnancy, and it is a tough task to control the appetite.

Recommended Amount of Fruits in Pregnancy

Most of the women prefer to have fruits instead of grains and vegetables. But fruits also should be consumed in moderate amount. Over consumption of fruits may lead you some other health issues.

1 to 2 cups of different fruits is a moderate amount for pregnant women. You cannot fully depend on fruits to fulfill your nutrition. You need to consume fresh vegetables and grains also.

Pay Attention to Hydration

If you are losing more fluids than consuming, you may be at risk of dehydration. You should hydrate your body regularly. Water consumption is the best way to hydrate your body, but you cannot ignore fluid intake. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day and 1 to 2 cups of fruits regularly.

Fruits Diet Tips

When you buy fruits from stores and open markets, you should prefer organic nutritious fruits during pregnancy. Pesticides and fertilizers of non-organic fruits are not safe for you during your pregnancy. These are the things that you should keep in mind for your fruits diet:

  • Soak, wash, and air dries the fruits before having it.
  • In a hurry, rinse the fruits under running water to remove harmful bacteria.
  • Try to have fruits in different forms, i.e., juice, slice, and salad.
  • Do not pre-cut the fruits. Cut the fruits only when you can consume it.
  • Do not use stale fruits; try to eat fresh fruits every day.

Bottom Line

Eating fruits is not beneficial for you only, but also the development of your baby too. You should not prefer frozen and packed fruits due to chemical mixing. Make sure that there is no chemical use in fruit processing. You also can take the help of any good dietician to guide you for foods to eat during pregnancy.