Benefits of Quitting Smoking

| May 20, 2013

Top Three Benefits of Quitting Smoking

As it is already known, smoking is injurious to one’s health. Take a moment to think about the various advantages of stopping smoking. You heart will become more healthy, improves respiratory system as well as save a great deal of money by quitting the habit.

Studies show that just talking about the ill effects of smoking to smokers is not enough to motivate them for stopping the habit. Instead, simply speak about the various benefits of quitting smoking and it can make some smokers to stop the habit.

Healthy Functioning of Lungs

One of the main benefits of quitting smoking is improving respiratory system functions. The main organ involved in the respiratory system is lungs. Healthy efficient lungs helps you get make enough breath while running or when you climb the stairs or just when you walk from your home to office.  Smoking greatly affects cardiovascular health by putting poisonous substances in the lung capillaries and these substances absorb oxygen. Less amount of oxygen in the lungs creates breathing difficulties.

Those that want to start a weight loss program or to improve body fitness are highly advised to quit smoking, as agreed by most fitness experts and doctors. Since weight loss programs involves cardio vascular exercise where a healthy lung functioning is important, smoking has to be stopped completely.

Healthy Heart

Another important body organ that is greatly affected by smoking is heart. A healthy heart works with healthy lungs to make your everyday life easier. Even when you ask for an exercise routine to the doctors, the first thing they would suggest is to strictly stop smoking.  It is the heart that pumps the oxygenated blood which is supplied to all parts of the body including lungs. The oxygen that heart requires is received in the lungs during every breath.

Weak lungs affect the activities of the heart and the blood can longer supply enough oxygen in the body. According to medical experts, unhealthy heart is more likely to get over-stressed which results in various disorders like strokes or attacks.  Moreover, smoking can result in uneven heart beats and leads to growth of plaque around the blood vessels near heart.

Saving a Great Deal of Money

One of great benefits of quitting smoking is money savings. A smoker will be spending 40 percent of their total annual expenses on buying cigarettes and other tobacco products. This will be increasing in the coming years since most of the states are agreeing legislation regarding high taxes on smoking goods. Quitting smoking can save the money that you had kept aside for smoking and also save the medical expenses for treating the ill effects caused from the habit.

Apart from the advantage of adding more years to live as well as preventing various health disorders, there are a lot more benefits such as personal development and mental relaxation. So the time when you feel to quit this bad habit, keep in mind the aforementioned things and start working for it. You can get rid of the habit for sure.