Help Stop Snoring

| May 27, 2013

Know How to Help Stop Snoring

There are a number of things that can ruin a perfectly good night’s sleep- out of which snoring is one of them. This could be a major nuisance that could affect the amount of rest that one gets at the same time take a toll on one’s overall health as well. For this reason, it would be best that one should seek help stop snoring. In this way, it would help one’s overall wellness as well. The following sections discuss a number of aspects that are related to this and ways in which one can overcome them as well.

Reading the signs

Snoring can be taken as a sign that something isn’t right somewhere. This is because the body has been programmed to get a set amount of sleep in order to function optimally. Apart from that if this is neglected then it could stem into a serious condition such as sleep apnea. When a person suffers from this they would stop breathing for say 10 seconds.

A number of complications are associated with sleep apnea. Some of the problems include the dipping level of oxygen in the blood. It could cause a stroke or even high blood pressure. Apart from that there are several techniques that one can use to eliminate or even reduce the amount of snoring.

Ways to counter snoring

A few techniques that would help stop snoring are as follows:

  • Avoiding alcohol or sedatives during bedtime
  • Become physically fit
  • Don’t sleep flat on your back
  • Avoid passive smoking
  • Don’t smoke

The first thing that you need to do in order to get better sleep would be to avoid alcohol or sedatives during bedtime. This is largely owed to the fact that they would relax the airway that would lead to snoring. Apart from that drinks should be taken at least four hours prior to bedtime to avoid this. Also, women should not take more than a drink on a daily basis and men should restrict themselves to two. Besides that losing excess weight and becoming fit would help reduce any health related problem including this one.

Another way that would help stop snoring is if you don’t sleep on your back. It is because you don’t have to worry about air blockage and help the throat to relax. As for those who are habituated to sleeping on their backs, they should try and restrain themselves otherwise things could get bad to worse. An easy technique that can be employed to help you achieve this task would be to place tennis balls in socks and then place it on the rear end of your pajamas. This way, if you feel like you are going to sleep on your back, this would restrict you.

Another quick tip that would help stop this would be to avoid second hand smoking. Even though this is not possible always, it would be best that you encourage the people around you not to smoke. It goes without saying that you should avoid smoking as well.