Impact of Spirituality on Mental Health

| February 1, 2021
Impact of Spirituality on Mental Health

The definition of spirituality may vary for all of us. It is a matter of our beliefs and existence for some. Spirituality is mainly linked with god, believing in him, following the ideology of religion. Some may find spirituality in exploration. Exploration of the world beyond themselves, the universe. Mental health is a combination of your psychological health, emotional health, and the individual’s well-being. Spirituality and mental health are interconnected. How? This article is focused on highlighting the impact of spirituality on mental health.

How Does Spirituality Affect Mental Health?

Spirituality Demands Self-Exploration

When you indulge in spirituality, you try to find answers to a lot of things. In the process of finding those answers, you find yourself. You ask the question, look for answers within yourself, and start looking at things from a different perspective. You know what you wanted to know.

It is like finding yourself, the true self.

Spirituality helps you find the meaning of individuality

Spirituality broadens your vision and helps you find your opinion or point of view of life. It establishes a connection between you and your approach towards life.

It fills your inner self with acceptance and positivity. You start cherishing what you have, what we call the feeling of content.

Spirituality Leads to Mindfulness

There is a high impact of spirituality on mental health. You indulge in meditation and in self-exploration that leads you to a path of realization. And, You start feeling relaxed and happy and develop mindfulness. You start connecting to everything around you, be it nature, animals, arts, etc.

You find a way to express yourself. That may vary from individual to individual now, some may follow art, some may proceed with poetry or any other medium, but all people with a spiritual approach express themselves.

Spirituality Blesses You with Sense of Belongingness

You start finding meaning in everything. The world seems to be your home now. You feel that you are important and appreciated. You feel connected to yourself and the divine energy you framed your belief in.

Spirituality Empowers You

When you indulge in self-exploration, you discover a lot of new things about yourself. You encounter your fears and weaknesses. With time you know everything about yourself, and now you are your own master. You can shape yourself; however, you want to.

Spirituality Makes You Feel Blessed

Through your connection with the divine, the belief you have, you understand everything. Your outlook changes, you start enjoying and appreciating every little thing. You cherish every moment of your life mentally as well as physically. It happens due to the Devine impact of spirituality on mental health.

You are thankful to the divine power for everything you have.

Spirituality Makes You Even Stronger

Those who find a connection between themselves and the divine energy, never blame circumstances and accept everything.

They develop a belief that whatever is happening or will happen will only make me stronger.

They never ask why me when they face a problem, but to stand up and prove that they have grown stronger.

You Start Caring

You develop of sense of belongingness and start caring for things and care about yourself, about people around you, and everything around you. All of these helps you in developing a healthy mindset.

The more you follow the path of spirituality, the more you find yourself mentally at peace. It is not a one-time event; it takes time and patience to be spiritually strong and developed. Now many people confuse spirituality with religion, but they are not the same. They are very different from one another. Let me explain how

Difference Between Spirituality and Religion

  • The Rules

    Spirituality knows and follows no rule. There are no guidelines framed to establish a spiritual connection. But with religion, you have to adhere to some norms, customs, and values.

  • The Fear

    In spiritual connection you fear nothing, you work on yourself and proceed however you want. When we talk about religion, we have a fear of the consequences of your actions, about what will happen to you when you die.

  • The Unison

    Spirituality comes in no shape or particular stigma; it is an entirely unbiased and universal outlook. Whereas in religion, the people feel divided, we have various religions. We all have different norms and values to follow accordingly, which might be a reason for disagreement for others.

  • The Truth

    Religion tells you the truth; through historical approaches and mythological stories, they present the truth of life in front of you. But when we talk about spirituality, it allows you to find your answers to truth and lies.

  • The Path

    Religion shows you a path and asks you to follow it. At the same time, spirituality allows you to make your path.

  • The Threat

    Religion talks about punishment, about what you will face if you do something particularly. But spirituality talks about karma. It tells you the simple sense of what goes around, comes around. Now you know what spirituality is and how it is different from religion.


Spirituality can be a person’s outlook on life and oneself. When you develop a feeling of contentment, you grow mentally stronger.

Spirituality is all about finding answers to the question within yourself.