Care After Removal of Wisdom Teeth


Take Appropriate Care to Recover at Faster Rate

Does your wisdom tooth irritate you a lot? Does it prevent you from enjoying your favorite delicacy? If your answer is yes, it’s high time for you to make it to a dentist. Among the set of molars in your mouth, wisdom teeth are the final and third set. If these are aligned properly in healthy condition, they stand as the most powerful teeth in your mouth.  Yet, in majority of people, the wisdom teeth are misaligned. This misalignment can damage other adjacent teeth as well. The teeth may sometimes be positioned angular and overcrowded.  In all these cases, it causes lot of inconvenience and hence has to be removed at the earliest. Removing the teeth is not just sufficient. You need to take appropriate care after removal of wisdom teeth as well.

The reason for wisdom teeth disorder may not be common for all people.  Even the treatment would be different based on cause for the wisdom tooth issue. In few cases removal of wisdom tooth would be the only solution whereas in few other cases it isn’t necessary to remove the tooth.

Few situations that end in removal of wisdom tooth:

  • Partially emerging of the teeth through the gums
  • Presence of un erupted wisdom tooth that damage
  • Presence of fluid filled sac around the wisdom tooth

In all the above mentioned cases, you will have to get your wisdom tooth removed in order get rid of the irritation caused due to this teeth disorder. You will be able to eat your food normally only if you take care after removal of wisdom teeth. To know more about the care to be taken, just continue scrolling down.


In most common observed cases, people won’t feel hungry for few days after the wisdom tooth removal surgery. In such case, make sure you don’t eat food unless and until you are hungry.  As far as possible avoid eating at night post the removal of the wisdom tooth. For few days, prefer washing your mouth with warm water rather than starting to brush immediately after the wisdom tooth removal.  During the week after the surgery, prefer eating soft foods which include nutritional drinks, applesauce and cottage cheese. After few days, while you brush make sure you don’t hurt the wounded gums. Slowly as you recover from the surgery, you can start eating solid foods.  Thus, food that you eat include under the care after removal of wisdom teeth.

Proper Medication

Intake of right medicines on right time will help in recovering at a faster rate. Recovery from the surgery depends on post removal of wisdom teeth. Most of the dentist would prescribe pain killers in order to fight against the pain after the wisdom teeth removal process. Intake of these medicines on time will help you recover at a faster rate.

Regular Visits

After the surgery, make sure you to meet your dentist in regular intervals as instructed. The dentist would be asking you to pay a visit to the clinic in order to check the situation post surgery.

So, make sure you follow all steps appropriately in order to recover from wisdom teeth issues at a faster rate.