Home Remedies for Tooth Pain


Simple Remedies

Do you have a bad toothache ? Are you in search of home remedies that would be able to give you respite from tooth pain ? Then the best way to address these questions honestly would be to say, it is completely dependent on the situation. This means that it largely depends on the person suffering from the toothache and therefore some remedies may work for one individual and may not turn out to be a good one for the next. This is because the course of treatment for infected gums would be entirely different from that of a chipped tooth.

However, if you are in excruciating pain at the moment and you are looking for a quick fix, then there are four simple home remedies for tooth pain that are readily available. In case, one doesn’t be of much help then you cold move to the next one. This in turn would help contain the pain and give you respite. These solutions are temporary ones, so you need to prepare yourself to face a toothache in the future. Some of these quick fixes have been listed below and discussed at length in the following sections; continue reading to know more about them.

  • Peppermint
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Cloves


It comes as a surprise to most people but peppermint leaves serve to be give you relief from toothaches. All you would need to do is chew these leaves using the tooth that is hurting and then make it into a paste. In case, it hurts you while you chew, you can just mash up the leaves and apply it in the sore region.


Another one of the home remedies for tooth pain is onion. It is claimed to be the fastest home remedy for this. You need to cut a fresh slice of onion and then place it on your mouth as well as on the gum where the tooth is sore. Then squeeze the juice of the onion which would give you temporary respite from the pain you are experiencing.


Garlic is another effective and well known remedy for treating a toothache. You need to mash up the garlic and then apply it on the tooth or between the cheek and the tooth. To make this more effective you can add some salt to this mixture.


The use of cloves or clove oil is widely accepted as a good home remedy that would help stop the toothache. You need to take the cloves and place it in the area where you are experiencing pain, within no time you would find that the pain has subsided. You could make mash up the cloves, creating a paste, mix with water and apply it. The main advantage of using this is because you can mold this easily around the tooth and you don’t have to hold it in place either.

These are a few home remedies for tooth pain that would be sure to give you relief.