Laser Teeth Whitening

| June 3, 2013

Process of Laser Teeth Whitening

There might be times when one might be embarrassed to give a wide smile since they are worried about their stained teeth. The best route to avoid such a situation would be to go in for laser teeth whitening. This would certainly be a fitting solution to your current dilemma and lay all your fears to rest. Apart from that it is not just a safe option, so one needn’t worry about the after effects.

In case, you still have your doubts regarding this, then you should learn more about what laser teeth whitening actually is. Basically, this course of treatment uses a gel, which contains hydrogen peroxide and a LED light that can activate this treatment for around 45 minutes. Apart from that the primary objective here is to remove the stains on your teeth. It would be best to understand how teeth can get stained and consequently the need to go in for laser whitening treatment.

How do your teeth get stained?

As mentioned earlier, it is best to have the facts right before you actually go in search of answers. One of the most common sources that cause stained teeth is the consumption of drinks and consumption. The consumption of coffee, tea or even wine could cause these stains. Apart from that nicotine could be yet another reason for this. In addition to that if you don’ floss regularly or don’t remove extrinsic stains you would land up in trouble.

The other extreme could be the reason behind stained teeth as well. This means that the excessive usage of tetracycline or fluorides’ could be a reason as well. Apart from that there are genetic factors as well, which can cause stubborn stains. However, for all the problems discussed in this section, laser teeth whitening would be an appropriate course of treatment.


The true effectiveness of this treatment would be the next question on anyone’s mind. It would be difficult to draw a general comparison since the results for teeth whitening would vary from one individual to another. This is because it largely because the enamel density, stain type and the sensitivity of the teeth would vary. For this reason, it would be best that one should consult a dental hygienist who would perform an exam tell you whether this treatment would be right for you or not.

In this way, they would be able to suggest the best course of treatment. For instance, if one has gum disease or cavities they can be dealt with first and then you can think about taking up this treatment. Also, this would help you get better results as well. Once your dental hygienist gives you a clean chit you will be in a position where you can undergo treatment. It would around fifty minutes, which includes the oral exam as well.

The process

Most dental hygienists use a host of whitening products that include gels that would contain hydrogen peroxide. Apart from that the oxygen molecules help penetrate the surface and effectively break down the stain. As a result of this the teeth appear to be bright and whitened.